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  1. Hi Mate I had the same issue with my Yaris 1.4 D4D I took it to my local Toyota dealer and they said it was the battery in the Keyfob that had gone flat They replaced it and now it's working fine.
  2. Jaseowl

    Newbie Yaris ?

    Not bad price. I just got a 1.4 diesel D4D SR fromm local Toyota dealer and love it. My cousin has a 1 l.0 ltr and it really does move and is very economical so you should be ok
  3. Not sure mate to be honest never had to reprogram my keys before. I will ask at work for you mate ? As I work for a car dealer
  4. Did you get the key code when you bought the car ? If so quote that to your local dealer and they should be able to get you one. Or even try Timsons they do them
  5. I have just got a 07 1.4 Yaris D4D diesel SR going from a 1.3 petrol Yaris the difference has amazed me having that bit more power behind you especially on the Motorway. Would fully recommend Toyota to anybody. The dealers are brilliant from start to finish
  6. Jaseowl

    Rear Drum Brakes

    I had the same problem with mine ended up taking back to dealer and having the rear drums stripped down and cleaned then put back on. It queued it for a bit but start again turned out the rear wheel bearing was knackered so was going to cost me a bit to get replaced. had replaced and solved the problem.
  7. Wanted a new car and have always liked the Yaris SR Diesel and was advised at the local dealer it was a good car to drive. Thanks for the info
  8. Hi I am new to this forum but have owned Toyotas for the last few years. I have just purchased the above. Please can you advise if I have made a good choice .? As I have gone from a 1.3 Yaris petrol Vtti to above Thanks Jaseowl
  9. Welcome to the Toyota forums Jaseowl :)