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  1. Thanks guys, hope everyone is safe and well. I've not had any long drives, just local 10miles round trips, not seen any further mark and no white stuff on the oil cap, no issue with the engine, coolant temperature 88-93'c. I dont know if its because I didnt push the engine hard enough ie motorway speed or the bleeding I did after seeing the marks (parked on a steep incline topped up to full mark). I did not see any marks along the seams, I did however noticed the coolant level drop about 2mm from the FULL mark. Regards
  2. 🙄 As bad as that? Man, thats the end of the corolla, I dont think I got the nack to change the head gasket.
  3. Hi, The radiator came with a new cap, when I noticed the spay of coolant, I thought it was faulty so I put back the original and that too it doing the same. Thanks
  4. Hi All, So I had a slow weeping lean on my radiator, I guess since I bought the car perhaps. Progressivly got worse to point I was losing expansion tank coolant over 6 months. I have changed the radiator now but now I see jet spray of coolant on the plastic flange of the radiator, directly below the radiator cap. Does the cap release some pressure? I this normal? I never seen this before...I guess because its been leaking out? Thanks in advance. 20200314_160425.mp4
  5. Hey nginx, Sorry for the late reply. Mine is still leaking after replacing the o-ring, I thought the o-ring should be more snug but its not. What I did notice though, when the oil drops to certain level its slows/stops, so I guess when it goes below the tensioner level? Either that or the leak is else where, its not the rocker cover, could be the top of the chain cover....couldnt be bothered anymore so left it.
  6. Found the lable underside of the hood, 490g +/- 30g, so with the lower limit, as for the oil it just says oil no. 8, I guess that will be within limit as well. Thanks guys.
  7. Thanks guys, I'll look for the sticker, there is one that has the type of gas, may have missed the small print.
  8. Hi All, Bit the bullet and went to Kwik Fit to get it done, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that "the hight side port was leaking and producing a little, re-tightening the valve sorted it." Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows how gas and oil its supposed to take, I thought it was 800g or so. Mine only took 470g and 15ml of oil, attached print out. AC is working and clutch is engaging etc and seems to be cold, just a bit curious did they set the machine right etc...knowing its KF. Cheers.
  9. No, nice clean lighter with each flush. Won't bother with chemical...took the heater core pipes off and pumped water in both ways and was clear with a hint of pink. Just going to flush it one more time and add coolant. Cheers oc
  10. Is it worth adding chemical cleaner like Holts Speed flush to clean the heater core and engine block? or am I asking for trouble? I get slightly better heat on the passenger side vents than the driver side.
  11. Got the Nissens radiator today, well packed with a new rad cap, little short in height, about 5mm or so and had to squeeze the fan shroud in between the edge. I run distilled, about 15 litre, and run the engine until temp guage is in the middle twice. For some odd reason I thought I'd rinse once more and took it for a couple of mile run. I was surprised to see the water was still little pink again. I have a feeling the thermostat did not open previously. I've filled up again and taken it for a good drive. Hopefully its all clear now, I'll drain and add the G30 coolant tomorrow.
  12. Well that did go so well.....the Hella does not fit, hoses apprear to be too big and the fan shroud fitting was a bolt type rather than a clip-on type. So much for first time fit...not. I've now ordered a Nissens fron ECP, hopefully they will supply the right one.
  13. Thanks OC, I've gone for the Hella brand radiator from Green Spark Plug (through Amazon). I am looking into the coolant now, £43 for pre-mixed 7L from Fish-brothers, cant seem to get the concentrated from Mr.T. I am a bit worried the if I use the pre-mixed, it may get diluted with the water left in the block from the flush...even after draining the block from the rear I didnt get out what I put in last time. But I used the concentrated stuff, so I put in 3.25L of coolant and fill with water until its full. Didnt need to worry about how much water let in the nooks and crannies. I'll look into the G30 as I'm flasing it and might be a bit cheaper.
  14. Also, is the comma G30 the equivalent to Toyota Pink stuff? Cheers
  15. Thanks for the reply OC, I did a full flush and refill about 4 years ago with toyota long life coolant....l would have thought its in goid nick. The full system is 6.5L, I was hoping to just refill the radiator and be donewithit....getting lazy.