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  1. Yes, its the original Touch DA.
  2. No, I didnt see any settings, its got very limited options as its just DA, no satnav. Also, I cant get to the hidden menu on this either
  3. Sods law, I ordered another digitizer, from Aliexpress, now my old DA is working.....after all that😕. Except for one glitch, I have to tap with my nail or the nail has to make contact. It does not work with the finger, not sure if it a different type, any now I have a spare DA if any one is interested. 🙂
  4. roks

    Auris touch2

    Tried all possible combination, top left top right, bottom left and right, diagonally, top left bottom left and bottom right etc
  5. roks

    Auris touch2

    Lower half is OK, until I touch very close to the lower edge, cross then shows on the top edge. Same with pen or finger on the top half. Cheers Bob.
  6. roks

    Auris touch2

    Hello Bob, Car or Media button gets me this, cant get to the 2nd menu. I need to get to the 2nd screen to calibrate my touchscreen as it a bit off on the top half. Setup button + light gets me this, it similar to one of the test menus above No thing happens with this one, I also tried swiping 5 times each way on the screen as shown for new models. I tried the one in the volume settings, as per the video, but nothing for for screen calibration.
  7. I wonder if the driver is carrying some other electronic gizmos with the keys or in the car? Just a thought, as it happened in two separate cars.
  8. I've just changed my Touch with a Touch 2, no code but found out the wire harness not same, I had to fabricate an adapter. I am no expert but guessing you have a Touch 2 so should be a straight swap BUT I believe it has to be from a Hybrid car.
  9. Thanks @flash22 been out with the soldering iron today fiddling with the wires, managed to get it working, would have been easier if I saw your posts before hand. I found a block connector with the correct size/pitch pins, connected to 24pin. Soldered the pins to the end of cables, wrapped in heat shrink, then inserted into 16pin harness, taped to secure. I just need to sorted out parking brake cable, I've got it ready, but not sure if that's required. As far as I can see its for the system check in the service menu. Also, I cant seem to get to the 2nd part of the hidden menu to
  10. Been doing some more digging, so the 16pin connector has the reverse cam. @flash22do you know what the connectors are called, I think I can cook up an adaptor to connect to the 24pin touch2. Thanks
  11. Ok, finally my touch 2 with Go arrived, its from May 2014, so I guess its touch2 gen1. Everything seemed to work at first, including the USB until I put it in reverse. The reverse cam does not work!!! I am guessing that 16pin connector has something to do with it. I have a feeling I need to connect the 16pin cable to the 24pin connector on the Touch2. Is there any converters or is there a easy hacks? Any pin outs for the 16 pin connector? Thanks.
  12. Is the satnav module actually installed? It wasn't installed on mine, so I had that msg.
  13. I'm still waiting delivery of my unit, found a cheaper one from another seller. I discovered that I may not need a USB cable, as the current one goes from the radio to the USB socket on the front panel, then there is a connector halfway down the cable (spliced), that goes to the media controller. So in theory, I just need to disconnect that blue connector to make it a straight connection to the USB socket.
  14. If you don't fancy taking out the TB, you can go the lazy way and wedge the accelerator pedal with a wood/stick, pull the seat forward until its fully open, spray some TB cleaner on a rag and gently wipe. Repeat if required, but don't get impatient and start spraying inside. Could also be the filter for the hybrid battery clogged, somewhere under the passenger seat. I am sure one of the Hybrid guys will come along and tell you where exactly that is.
  15. Not necessary mate, you've been very helpful. Correct, but the DAB antenna goes in the DA, and its the mirror image of the GPS antenna (smb)
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