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  1. This got me thinking.....there are some white marks on my radiator cap, expansion tank cap and pink on the grill behind fan. As well as the marks on the under tray l saw a shiny wet patch, circled, not sure if its rain water or fresh coolant. And I gave up on the oil leak, after cleaning up and replacing the tensioner O ring it seems to be a little worse, as in it drips on the drive shaft below. I too thought that it stops leaking after it drops half way min/full mark but never really got down to it.
  2. I think you got to use some elbow grease now...I remember wiggling the gear box in, you got to ease the weight of the box off the trolly and twist back and forth a bit, keeping it parallel while you do that.
  3. OC is correct, took me whole bank holiday weekend and over flowed on to Tuesday. All because the stubborn inner joint would not come out from the engine, ended up re-doing inner and outer CV joints on both sides. I don't think I'll be doing another clutch change anytime soon.
  4. Well, I paid £67.99 after using a £10 voucher I had. This battery is £87 at ECP with their 50% discount and £111 at Halfords, probably £140 at RAC. My safety net is that I bought directly from Amazon as I now they will sort it out if anything goes wrong and not a market place seller. Its got 5yrs guarantee. The 005 fits perfectly in the battery tray, car seems start a bit quicker.
  5. It was a 'sold and dispatched by amazon'. I called Yuasa, didnt fill me with confidence, I asked if all Yuasa batteries leave with a bung, guy gave me an hesitant 'Yes'. Asked about the leakage, first said I need to talk to Amazon if I was concerned, then asked if the indicator was green, which is, so then he says 'it should be fine'. I weighed the battery and its 15.75kg, spec says 15.7kg, taking into account the tolorance of the weighing machine 0.2kg, that 15.55kg. So I think the battery is OK. Or I could ask Amazon to replace it but then there is no gurantee the replacement will have a bung.
  6. Thanks guys, I will call Yuasa. There were no bung or anything. I think it may only be a few ml, it was just a patch on the towel that wet, not sure if its clear in the picture.
  7. Thanks OC, hands washed, after 8hrs charging its finished and settled at 13.33, I guess that will drop further after standing idle few hours. If these are SEALED then how did the acid come out? I tried tilting it to the side but nothing came out, guess it must have been thrown around hard during the transport? Not fitted it yet, will speak to Amazon but I doubt they will know anything other than offer to send a replacement.
  8. I ended up getting the Yuasa YXB005, 65Ah, the measurement fits in the tray. It was well packaged, battery in polythene bag, wrapped with some sort of rag/towel, then the whole thing put in a cardboard box with thick foam all around. The rag had a wet patch, then noticed there are two holes on either side of the lid/top, and one side had some water. The case doesnt appear to be damaged. Should I be concerned, or could that liquid have escaped in transport? Voltage out of the box was 12.63v, now left charging, first it took 3.8 amp, the max the charger can put out, then after few minutes it drops staright to 0.8amp.
  9. Thanks guys, I don't know if its worth going through all this trouble....I'll have to think it over. I thought just sticking a bigger battery will solve this but looks like itd bit more involved.
  10. Remembered why I did use it, its the cut off feature, the adapter has a cut off point of 11.75v and it does seem to do the job.
  11. Hmmmm....might just be able to squeeze in the Exide 242mm length otherwise it will hit the radiator pipe. Ones I looked at are 175mm high, I'll have to prop it up with a thicker 25mm plank of wood to raise it so that its clamps down tight.
  12. I've found them but they are very long, I dont think they will fit in my car but I am going to take some measurements this weekend.
  13. Thanks OC, I think I may have one of these, I think I was lazy with it. Where are those battries from?
  14. Yes screen off, I measure the current, its about 0.43amp when both cameras are recording and 0.32amp when on standby. I did the measurement before the adaptor so that includes the self consumption. Its a £5 job from ebay, I must measure the adaptor by itself and see how much its draining. As you know I did some paint work on my car and it was scuff free untill about a week later I see bump marks scuffed corners. I have two cams covering front and rear. Not sad them on due to the draining issue.....and they are still scuffing, all corners are scuffe some more than others. I bought a sealed 22AH battery while I was experimenting but that only lasts just over 2 days. I work in the city so some times its 3-4 days before I get to the car. I've now made this battery a jump start pack with crop clips from a dead jumpterter. I am wondering how long the old battery will last with just the cams as currently its powering the ecu and remote central locking well the cam. I know, if I get it, it will be when they have 50% discount code. Cheers guys.
  15. Hi guys, I was think of 027 to up the AH (Exide Premium 027 Car Battery (64Ah) - 5 Year Guarantee (EA640) as my current battery doesn’t last 2 days if I leave the dashcam on in parking mode. It would start OK if I turn off the dash, even when we had couple of weeks of little cold weather it just took couple of ticks longer but started. So I was thinking of upping the AH but no gurantee it will cope with dashcams left on. Would a 027 fit my 04 Tsprit? My original Toyota battery is a 50AH 450CCA I think but not sure if its 012 or 027