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  1. roks

    Wobbly corolla on motorway

    Did another test on the rear, one side defo moves more than the other. I will get it checked by mechanic, although the MOT was just done last month I don't think they do a proper check on suspension, do they?
  2. roks

    Corolla With Issues- Help Please

    Yep, IAC...take off and give it good clean. Did you know this is 5 year old thread....... 🙂
  3. roks

    Wobbly corolla on motorway

    Hi, No. Only left front tyre wearing slightly uneven on the outer edge - I hit a kerb I think some times ago, will get it aligned when I get the set of new tyres. No, I noticed it in the past as well, I put it down to high winds at that time. It does it at motorway speed 60+ if the road it bumpy or if I make make sligth sudden correct on the steering wheel then it settles down after a bit. All wheels torqued to 103Nm Not done anything recently
  4. roks

    Wobbly corolla on motorway

    Yes, before I set off, I checked the tyre pressure, all same 32psi or a fraction more. Thanks
  5. Hi Guys, Felt uncomfortable at the weekend during a trip up north, at motorway speed it felt like my stomach wash turning. I made couple of sudden movement steering wheel and it felt very wobble, one of the the passenger said even his little micra does not do that. It appears at motorway speed the car unusually light, going down hill on parts of M1. Are my shocks gone or are they on their way out? (after 110k miles, non of the shocks are leaking as they are clean and dry. I did the usual bounce test, but I cant see anything unusual other than the rear is easier to bounce than the front but that could be due to the front is much heavier? Also, if I need to do the shocks, should I also replace ball joints? Does bad ball joints affect the up/down movements? Thanks in advance for your inputs
  6. roks

    Looking at a Auris 1.6

    Sorry, forgot to sau it was a Auris 1.6, it came in last friday and its already sold apparently. oh well, I'll just have to keep looking.
  7. roks

    Looking at a Auris 1.6

    I see what you mean about not many Avensis around. My local Jemca Toyota has a 1.6 Excel just come in for £8000, 36k, 2013, I might go and test drive this weekend. Can you haggle with dealers? What can I expect in terms of discount. At the moment MOT history shows 20/06/18 Failed due to damaged rear windscreen, guess they'll fix that and pass the mot?
  8. roks

    Looking at a Auris 1.6

    Just widening my search options, how is the 1.2 petrol , are there any known issues with these? They seem more economical in terms of mileage. However I see they cost more than the 1.6 with same year and similar mileage
  9. roks

    Looking at a Auris 1.6

    Thanks Conrad. Yes, servicing and other small jobs like brake pads and disc etc. Talking about clutch...I did clutch on my Corolla 😓....I can tell you now i dont want to another one unless I really have to, thanks for the heads up.
  10. roks

    Looking at a Auris 1.6

    Not sure.....I've been quoted 350-650 to sort it out
  11. roks

    Looking at a Auris 1.6

    Thanks countrylad, I will just have to hold on a bit longer I guess and save up a bit more. I am definate on 1.6 petrol, manual, 2013 on wards. I prefer leather seats but not all have them. My Corolla is stll going strong, 110500 miles now. It was looking ok until some kid on a moped clipped my right wing so looks bit tired. Had couple of quotes, its not worth the repair, might try the dent puller and see.
  12. roks

    Looking at a Auris 1.6

    Thanks guys for your replies, I was also thinking of the resale value. In terms of DIY, is similar to Corollas or do these auris have less options for diy due more electronics hence require specialist tools?
  13. roks

    Looking at a Auris 1.6

    Toyota Auris (2015) 1.6 V-Matic Icon+ 5d 1.6 V-Matic Icon+ 5d I spotted one of these cars with 101k on the clock for just under £7000, had its first mot in march. I can only assume its a fleet vechile and motorway miles. Is it worth looking at this further or am I waisting my time? Any advise would be appreciated.
  14. roks

    Compact Disk Auto Changer

    Mine is under the passenger seat
  15. roks

    Coolant level at Min mark

    Thanks frosty