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  1. roks

    Bodywork advice

    Hi, I replaced my driverside wing recently, not too difficult, just a couple of notes, spray the bottom bold with some penetrating oil, mine rusted inside, head twisted right off. Also, you may have to remove the wipers and the plastic cowal to get to the top bolt otherwise you'll strugle like me....when I realise it was too late. Got mines from ebay, £37 delivered, just look for your colour code. Hope that helps.
  2. roks

    Hot Idle Revs

    On my Corolla its more like 650 when hot....its always been lile thus since owning.
  3. roks

    New Discs and Pads

    Hi Ken, There's no gap between the pads and disc....if look at the picture, its the ring around the hub. Its as if thoughthe pads weren't 100% flat. Anyways the pads are now in full contact and there's no untouched ring around the hub now, I guess it just needed time to bed in.
  4. When you do pressure bleeding, does the fluid flush through the abs? I was under the impression it didnt. Some suggest that after bleeding you should do a few hard brake to activate abs and then bleed again....never had the patience to try that.
  5. roks

    New Discs and Pads

    On closer inspection, the right side is now in full contact however the left side still has 5mm or so left to go. Is the left side normally less force since its further away from the mc or should it be equal on both sides?
  6. Hey Nick, My corolla has EPS so no fluid to worry about. As for gear oil, there's nothing in the users manual but I changed mines after I bought it at 79K miles, I don’t think it was ever changed, it was really black, gear changes were just little smoother after. Then I changed it after another 2 or 3 years and it wasn’t so bad, dark brown and made no difference to gear change. I don’t think you need to regularly, it’s coming up to 4 years now since the last change, I might do it next year.
  7. roks

    New Discs and Pads

    Hi OC, I don’t think I’ve done 100miles, more like 50, not taken any long journeys, just local supermarkets etc. I used new Pagid discs and pads, in the box it had a warning leaflet, not to remove protective coating and that its ready to use. Defo no grease on the surface, I did spray a bit of brake cleaner after I put everything together anyway. Also, car does seem to react to braking, did a few 40 to dead stop, abs kicks in etc. regards
  8. roks

    New Discs and Pads

    Just to update guys, looks like the rung is getting closer to the pads making more contact wuth disc gradually. Not done any hard stops above 40 yet.
  9. roks

    Fuel injectors cleaning

    Is it easy to remove the unjectors from the fuel rail? I thought it was pressurised and have to use some special tool?
  10. roks

    AC Sunlight Sensor

    I dont recall seeing any sensors on the dash although I have electronic a/c control....must take a close look next time.
  11. roks

    New Discs and Pads

    No, my old pads are almost perfectly worn all around. Also, the rubberized pin does not fit in the bottom, tried, only on top. Only other thing I can do is try putting old slide pins and see if they fit in both top and bottom.
  12. roks

    New Discs and Pads

    Yes your assumption is correct, bit round the hub and I drove a couple miles. My old pads were evenly worn, greased the slide pins and the rubberized one was on top.
  13. roks

    New Discs and Pads

    Hi All, Changed the front disc and pads today, all went well other than the old disc was a bit frozen but an M8 bolt took care of that. More importantly I notice that the pads not making full contact with the disc. I am guessing it will once its bedded in?
  14. roks

    New rims ...

    Hi OC, I swapped my originals with the same ones as above, like yours mines were flaky and pitted so found 4 of these with Michelin tyre on them 5-7mm thread, just over £200. Then sold my old ones for £125, chap was happy to pick them up. I take it that you've looked in eBay and gumtree? Regards
  15. roks

    Ac Recharge (maybe) 2002 vvti Corolla

    Man I dred the day when I have to get to the evaporator 😫 but I have no idea if the airways gummed up. And no, its not zoned climate. At least the weather is bit bearable, just need to get it sorted before winter as I used it to demist.