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  1. Have you got a link of the mats you are referring to?
  2. I need a four way window switch for my 55 Reg FL Corolla for the drivers side. My one doesnt let me take the passenger window go back up from the drivers side. Thanks
  3. Thanks for your reply mate. I found the a link with the correct bulbs to install :)
  4. Hi, I have the 55 reg FL Corolla. My interior light on the dashboard for the temperature control buttons does not light up! Does anyone know how could i go about fixing this? Would i need to replace a single bulb? I'm not very good with electrics Thank you!
  5. Thanks for your reply. I have doubled checked the wiring under the seat and it all seems to be firmly in place... I tried disconnecting the battery and left the car for 10 minutes but it still doesnt work! Could it be a blown fuse somewhere?
  6. Hello all. I removed my drivers and passenger seats from my 2005 Hatchback Corolla yesterday to give them a good clean. I had disconnected the battery when i removed the airbag wiring from the bottom. When i put the seats back in i made sure i connected the wires back properly and then put in the four bolts. However, now when i drive the drivers seat does not detect me sitting on it and it no longer beeps or flashes when i do not have the seat belt on, but the passenger seat does detect when a person is sitting on it and beeps and flashes when that seat belt is not on. What could be the problem here? I have double checked the wiring under the drivers seat and all seems fine? Any help would be appreciated!
  7. Sorry, forgot about this thread! I managed to get one for a okay price, it came complete with hubs. I was wondering, would there be any difference between the axle, hubs, brake disks and brake pads between the Corolla 55reg 2.0L D4d and the Corolla 55reg 1.4 D4d? A person was breaking he's 1.4 litre diesel and supplied me with the complete set. Would it be a straight swap over with the part numbers matching, or are their different part numbers for the 2.0L and 1.4L diesels?
  8. Yeah thats what the Toyota dealer told me too. Its way too expensive to get everything changed!
  9. I am also searching for a connects2 unit. I want one which will enable me to connect both a Iphone and Ipod, as well as allowing me to connect another mobile phone through the headphone jack if i want to swtich it up. I was looking at that one earlier today, I think it just allows you to connect your Ipod to it, you cannot connect something else such as a mobile phone through the headphone jack or a mp3 player into it. I think the 2004+ models of Corolla's are the 6+6 pin? Email the seller?
  10. Also, i do not have any silver tag that with a key number i think? What is the purpose of that little tag and will it make it difficult getting a new key duplicated?
  11. Yep i contacted Toyota today and they gave me a rough quote of around £135. I will be getting it done sometime within the next 2 weeks! Also, would you happen to know of the difference or similarties between the PFL 2002 Car mats and the FL 2005 Corolla mats? Thanks!
  12. Hello. When I had brought my Corolla it only came with one black key with the buttons on it which I believe is the master key? I was wondering how much Toyota would charge me to duplicate my master key incase I were to lose it? Also, I am looking for genuine Corolla mats, I saw some going online for cheap for the 52reg PFL Corolla. Are the ones which come with the Facelift 55reg Corolla exactly the same as the ones for the PFL or are they of different designs? If anyone could please post a picture of your mats it would be of great help! Thanks
  13. Hi, i asked someone at the dealership today and was told that they are only held in place with only one screw, and 3 fixing clips running along the back of them. Another question i wanted to ask was whether you could attach these to the T2 bumper style, as far as i am aware the models which come with these bumper corners have 3 slits cut into the corners of the bumper on each side and one screw mount at the bottom of them. Would the T2 bumper also have the single screw hole in the bottom of it? I'm sure cutting the 3 slits into the corner of the bumper would not be a problem at all, but just wanted to ask whether anyone here has a facelift Corolla without the rear bumper corners and if they can see a single screw at the bottom of it where these could be attached too? I spoke to someone at my local Toyota dealership today and they were uncertain whether the facelift Corolla which comes originally without the bumper corners would have the screw hole underneath them. Any help would be much appreciated!
  14. Hi, i wanted to ask whether you can easily remove the corners which come on the facelift Corolla's rear bumper? The corners i am talking about are a additional and one attaches to both corners of the bumper. How easily are they to remove? Thanks
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