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  1. Hey, Car was in with Toyota today, they looked and said after the drums were stripped and cleaned in the service they weren't greased enough, they added more and now there is no noise at all :) Thanks for your help, Mr.7
  2. Cyker mine had premium contact 2 all round they are still on the back loosing about 2mm over 20k miles. Had the kuhmo for about 6 months all good so far. My Aygo had Eco contact on and they barley moved in the 10k miles I did in it.
  3. Hi Guys, Was just wondering if you lovely people can help me out? I have an early 2011 plate Yaris T-Spirit, which when I break after have driven for 5-10 minutes the rear drum brakes squeak when I release the peddle but only at the very top of the pedal. The car had it's 20,000 miles service two weeks ago, where the front pads were replaced but no mention or notes of anything wrong with the back. I may just call local dealer tomorrow see if they will diagnose for free?? I think it should have been picked up on the service? Surely they check the rear brakes too? Thanks for any help you give. Lee
  4. My Yaris was fitted with Continentals' when I got it! I got 11,000 miles out of them with even wear. Now running on Kuhmo KH17's and have gotten another 10,000 on the clock and they are still at 6mm :) They haven't made the drive any better or worse handling wise and do really well in the wet, they are noisy around 80mph but to save on cash I am not to bothered.
  5. Steve

    Welcome to the Toyota forums Mr.7 :)

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