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  1. Paul, Thank you for the welcome. My photos can be found on Flickr - same username.
  2. I have a dead Lexus GS300 (99 vintage). I am considering getting a Corolla Verso. Would I be able to fit the superb leather / electric seats from the Lexus into the Corolla Verso. I have seen a picture of the interior of an 02-04 version that had what looked like similar seats in it. They had the same electric controls, but it was a standard Corolla not the Verso. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  3. Hi Everybody. New here but not to the world of forums (or is it Fora). Mainly for my hobbies, photographt and computers. I have run a series of Lexus GS 300's over the last ten yoers but now the last one has died I am seriously considering a Corolla Verso, probably 02-04 vintage. First simple question: should I post queries in the Corolla forum or the Verso one? Regards Neill
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums ncmoody :)