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  1. Will try to control myself when asking questions, new to Yaris and have lots of questions about them, now and in the near future. Seen a documentary on Youtube by Auto-Express about HID'S and the correct type of headlight to use them with, don't think my phase 1 Yaris has them, don't want pulling by the rozza's or to cause injury to others or myself. Looking at these, lots of people say these are very good bulbs http://www.wilcodirect.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=67_119&products_id=10014 What do you think please ?
  2. All i wanted to know was worth getting or not, and if not alternatives instead of them, and yes i have no patience, very hotheaded somtimes and jump in feet first without thinking first, but don't condem me for it, everyone's different and variety spices things up lol, just wish it didn't take so long to get a single answer to a straightforward question that's all RED SORRY. Can you recommend any good brands of high intensity bulbs please ?.
  3. Must be alright then, no problemo, just gett'em and stick'em in then tired of waiting would say thanks for help but not been any, not finding this forum very helpful compared to previous others i been on for different cars. hope it improves
  4. Wow 65 people so far and counting with no idea/help or info lol, can tell this is going to be a hot topic of conversation in this yaris forum
  5. Hello, i'm interested in installing some HID's into my yaris and would like some idea on the law as it stands, are they illegal and how dose it stand with MOT, would it fail for it ? also like to hear from others that have or had them installed on there's and there experiance's with having them weather good or bad. I have no idea about this item, has i have never had them before, but want to find out about them to make a decision weather to buy or not, so any help or info would be appreciated thank you, Mike. Looking at these on Ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/XENON-HID-Headlight-Conversion-Kit-H4-TOYOTA-YARIS-/200639610471?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2eb70d7e67
  6. Okey dokey excellent, thanks again for advice, taken on board.
  7. ok, thanks, did you remove your rears to tint them or just tape up around them on the vehicle ?, if you removed them was that easy to do.
  8. Hello, thinking of tinting my rear lights and been looking about on various threads and seen that the best option is to use a product called Lamin-x like window tint film, then there's others have used spray like E-TECH to do it, which is best to use and also i bothered about when it comes to Mot time about it passing ok and at night time others not running into me because they don't notice me brakeing, could i also be pulled by the police as well ? Any help/info would be appreciated thanks, Mike.
  9. Fault was so simple, just didn't notice it first time around, too busy looking at other wireing and getting stressed out lol and the fault was taadaaa i'd gone and plugged the aerial lead into the old headunit instead of the new, one so therefore no radio signal recieved on the new headunit, anyway final noticed and plugged in right hole, up and running perfectly thnaks.
  10. Maybe it's not earthed properly to the car's body, could be loose, check the wire and make sure your aerial lead is in correctly and is not damaged or loose connection to the new head unit other than that i can't help sorry. :)
  11. It is, tested unit out before reinstalling it back into position, well pushed in and secure. Update - All sorted out thanks, up and running fine.
  12. Hello, i could do with some help, just installed a Sony headunit into my Yaris GLS 01 model, and was not remembering the radio stations, so changed the yellow wire over to the correct position for the external memory power supply and then went to retune and did not find any radio stations whats so ever, completely blank put everything back as it was originaly and still nothing on it, can anyone help me and tell me how to fix it please. Regards, Mike.
  13. Hello,and here's my story, well decided to get a Toyota Yaris 1.3 GLS Automatic 2001, only 2 owners and full service history, been done by a Independent Toyota Specialist with only 35,000 miles on the clock, only my second vehicle, my first been a Vauxhall corsa B manuel Found Toyota sites like this one and joined them, hope for a long involvement with my new purchase, will be needing lots of help and info, so expect lots of questions from me on various subjects. Wanting to do some modifying and add extra bits'bob's. My names Mike btw and here's a pic of my new Yaris in chilli red, hope you like it, i do
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