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  1. Well unfortunately I didnt make this due to it being my dad's birthday that weekend... but looks like you guys had a blast and the weather was good. I really look forward to hopefully joining you on a different meet in the future... miss you guys! :) Keep the whites on your nose and the reds on your tail! ;)
  2. Hmm... I will ask the other half about this one... seeing as we only have the one car at the moment (*grumble*heater matrix*grumble*rust*grumble*) I know we are saving for some paintwork... so anything too far away might be a bit out... Will see, would be nice to see peeps again
  3. Just wanted to say oops.... missed the dates for sorting this... Shame cause its always a good laugh and I get to see some lovely people :) I am not sure we could have afforded it this year anyways tho :( Hope you all have a fab time tho!
  4. I was smacked... I think I've turned out ok hehe Seriously tho, I dont honestly think there is anything wrong with a smack, its an instantly recogniseable 'i've done something wrong' thing. much easier to understand than 'go sit in the corner and think about what you have done' type stuff... I definately dont agree with beating kids to within an inch of their life, but a smack on the back of the leg, bottom or arm serves its purpose to remind them what is right and what is wrong, as well as who is in charge. I'm adopted, and I love my mum n dad to bits (adopted ones)... they brought me up we
  5. Hello all... Was nice to pop down and say hi to the TOCers... We tried to come and see you all when we were dressed in fancy dress, but there werent many about and we were told some had already gone to bed!! :P Weather was lovely, and as always good to see old friends :) And my my that was a huge marquee!! I have definitely caught the sun, but am not burnt... bought some toys for Koko and had a thoroughly good time... 2010 is hopefully going to be even better!
  6. I think Mike and I would be up for this if thats ok... would have to be a Fri or Sat tho... cause of taking time off work (which Mike cant really do!) :)
  7. Thanks hon, Yup... they are cars! we have three MR2s now.. so its easier to refer to them with the names too ;)
  8. Looks great Anne :D Although she looks a little grumpy sat next to the MR2 lol sorta "pfft did you have to park me next to that petrol guzzler!" ;) V happy for you, and I'll pop down to have a look at JAE! :D
  9. Tempted to bring my evening gear, how about Mike? I think he has ideas of bettering last year's 'baby' outfit... tho I might be able to persuade him on the evening gear front lol :)
  10. For those who fancy a look... http://mr2oc.co.uk/forums/125/124082.html?start=0 Not bad for a week
  11. JAE wouldnt be the same if Hou didnt wear a hat! I'll be popping over to make sure too! ;) Maybe put something sparkly with it :D
  12. Thanks Em :) Skye will be kept and done up properly... so Coco is only a stand in... but I'm sure we will grow to love her too :) I'll deffo be popping over to see TOC at JAE so hope you can make it.. if not have a good time anyways!
  13. JustJJ


    I once swore I wouldnt buy anything Apple lol too expensive and all looks... I bought an iRiver instead pf an iPod.. a Creative Zen instead of a iPod Nano... However since having my iPhone I wouldnt really want to go back...using the N95 after the iPhone is clunky and nasty... the iPhone does everything -I- need it to... the keyboard is pretty good, its fairly quick.. takes ok pics.. but then I have a digital camera if I need one! It plays music and games keeping me amused on my commute on the train, the call quality is good and I -Love- the conversational style of txt messages. The browser an
  14. Well I know I only pop back here every so often, but I thought I would let you know what has been happening this week. I took a week off work to spend some time with Mike and get Skye ready for JAE. When we took off her side vent we found a small patch of rust which a screwdriver went through, and on further inspection around the wheel arch a load more rust dropped down and we ended up with about a 2 inch gap between the inner and outer arches :( This continued down to the boot vents at the back... we found a hole in the boot (1 by 2 inches) and the other rear of the wheel arch to boot vent wa
  15. Hmm.... Will see if the mood takes me :)
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