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  1. Well unfortunately I didnt make this due to it being my dad's birthday that weekend... but looks like you guys had a blast and the weather was good. I really look forward to hopefully joining you on a different meet in the future... miss you guys! :) Keep the whites on your nose and the reds on your tail! ;)
  2. Hmm... I will ask the other half about this one... seeing as we only have the one car at the moment (*grumble*heater matrix*grumble*rust*grumble*) I know we are saving for some paintwork... so anything too far away might be a bit out... Will see, would be nice to see peeps again
  3. Just wanted to say oops.... missed the dates for sorting this... Shame cause its always a good laugh and I get to see some lovely people :) I am not sure we could have afforded it this year anyways tho :( Hope you all have a fab time tho!
  4. I was smacked... I think I've turned out ok hehe Seriously tho, I dont honestly think there is anything wrong with a smack, its an instantly recogniseable 'i've done something wrong' thing. much easier to understand than 'go sit in the corner and think about what you have done' type stuff... I definately dont agree with beating kids to within an inch of their life, but a smack on the back of the leg, bottom or arm serves its purpose to remind them what is right and what is wrong, as well as who is in charge. I'm adopted, and I love my mum n dad to bits (adopted ones)... they brought me up well and I could only hope to be as good as them at parenting... but I was smacked if I was naughty, I see nothing wrong with it. Your only real issue is because she is much older now, she has gotten away with things for a while... and so may take time to adjust to whatever you decide to do Good luck
  5. Hello all... Was nice to pop down and say hi to the TOCers... We tried to come and see you all when we were dressed in fancy dress, but there werent many about and we were told some had already gone to bed!! :P Weather was lovely, and as always good to see old friends :) And my my that was a huge marquee!! I have definitely caught the sun, but am not burnt... bought some toys for Koko and had a thoroughly good time... 2010 is hopefully going to be even better!
  6. I think Mike and I would be up for this if thats ok... would have to be a Fri or Sat tho... cause of taking time off work (which Mike cant really do!) :)
  7. Thanks hon, Yup... they are cars! we have three MR2s now.. so its easier to refer to them with the names too ;)
  8. Looks great Anne :D Although she looks a little grumpy sat next to the MR2 lol sorta "pfft did you have to park me next to that petrol guzzler!" ;) V happy for you, and I'll pop down to have a look at JAE! :D
  9. Tempted to bring my evening gear, how about Mike? I think he has ideas of bettering last year's 'baby' outfit... tho I might be able to persuade him on the evening gear front lol :)
  10. For those who fancy a look... http://mr2oc.co.uk/forums/125/124082.html?start=0 Not bad for a week
  11. JAE wouldnt be the same if Hou didnt wear a hat! I'll be popping over to make sure too! ;) Maybe put something sparkly with it :D
  12. Thanks Em :) Skye will be kept and done up properly... so Coco is only a stand in... but I'm sure we will grow to love her too :) I'll deffo be popping over to see TOC at JAE so hope you can make it.. if not have a good time anyways!
  13. I once swore I wouldnt buy anything Apple lol too expensive and all looks... I bought an iRiver instead pf an iPod.. a Creative Zen instead of a iPod Nano... However since having my iPhone I wouldnt really want to go back...using the N95 after the iPhone is clunky and nasty... the iPhone does everything -I- need it to... the keyboard is pretty good, its fairly quick.. takes ok pics.. but then I have a digital camera if I need one! It plays music and games keeping me amused on my commute on the train, the call quality is good and I -Love- the conversational style of txt messages. The browser and email is great.. and the lastest update has made things much easier with the copy/paste stuff.. the only thing I do miss is probably the video... but then again I have only found myself in a couple of occasions when it would have been useful. iTunes I do dislike.. but I only ever connect it up to charge... I was able to load my own music in there easily enough and just left it going to add it all in. I've never had issues with it hanging or crashing (yet) and I'm running windows :P The only other phone I was looking at at the time was the G1... but it looked god awful and I wanted out from t-Mobile really... *shrugs just my 2psi worth :)
  14. Well I know I only pop back here every so often, but I thought I would let you know what has been happening this week. I took a week off work to spend some time with Mike and get Skye ready for JAE. When we took off her side vent we found a small patch of rust which a screwdriver went through, and on further inspection around the wheel arch a load more rust dropped down and we ended up with about a 2 inch gap between the inner and outer arches :( This continued down to the boot vents at the back... we found a hole in the boot (1 by 2 inches) and the other rear of the wheel arch to boot vent was rusted away too. *sigh... So, after tears and consolation from peeps around me we looked into getting some welding done to try and get her to JAE (cause I wasnt happy driving her around like that and possibly making it worse etc - plus we had taken bumper etc off to take a look) A few quotes later with many saying they wouldnt touch her we had quotes of £300+ Funds being tight at the moment we couldnt afford much more than that really. So poor Skye will not be making it to JAE this year, she is being taken off the road to be properly fixed over time and turned into everything I wanted, but when funds properly allow. So, 2 people with all camping gear in an MR2 (Mike's) not the best solution. After a quick browse of eBay we found an MR2 that a guy down south had started breaking, it had just been resprayed and had no rust at all, we messaged the guy and settled on a price, he seemed like a really decent chap and we had a deal. So after a post on the OC to try and get the parts we were missing (plus there will be some minor temporary cannibalisation from Skye) Mike and Paul (a very good friend from Warrington) will be picking the new MR2 up tomorrow. With a trailor borrowed from another friend (Bryn) and Donna's (Paul's other half) Frontera 'Coco' will hopefully arrive home some time tomorrow. She is a red rev1 turbo (yup.. I'll have boost!) and cost me £250! I'll get some pics up when she arrives home, Skye will be fixed... but properly as she deserves, and Coco will get me to JAE :) See you guys there :) TTFN! JJ x
  15. Hmm.... Will see if the mood takes me :)
  16. I was considering the MR2 World Record Attempt.. but due to lack of money etc... Mike and I will probably be going to Tatton as its free and not very far away!
  17. Right... well yesterday was the day of the run, and considering the set backs both Mike and I have had (healthwise and other) I think we did pretty well. I found out I had asthma part way through trying to train... I've also been on a few other drugs for medical troubles and we didnt train as much as we should have/could have... Putting it finely I dont think I could have walked 10k let alone run it... but armed with my inhaler, a good pair of trainers and moral support (Mike and Kirsty was also running).. I managed to run/jog about 5k of it and powerwalk the rest.. coming in with a time of 1hr 43.. which isnt bad with me considering how slow I normally dawdle along :P Mike was better at 1hr 25mins and Kirsty at 1hr 20mins... We got absolutely wet through as it started tipping it down about half/three-quarters way through, but we all finished!! All three of us before it started: Kirsty: Mike: Me: Sadly we didnt get any photos of afterwards... all too exhausted and wrapped up in our foil blankets with bottles of powerade. I'm currently sat at work sore as hell, debating whether to do it again next time! (lol!) If anyone else wants to donate, please do cause they are for great causes! Yeah I might not have been that quick, but the pain and the soaking and everything else makes the donation worth it :) Thanks! JJ & Mike
  18. We will see... hopefully will be another big hype Look after yourselves people.. keep those immune systems topped up
  19. Thanks to everyone who has commented so far :) And finally (I promise no more after this!) Mum took a pic of Monty at the weekend playing with the new toy she bought him... and it was just adorable (lol even tho im bias)
  20. If its on the proposed dates... I definately cant make it... its my Dad's 60th that weekend and considering the year the family has had so far, I think we all want to stick together on this one... If the dates change by a weekend either way I could probably come... I dont want to miss it, but I'm sure you guys understand. Best of luck and I hope its a goodun!
  21. Few more piccies... just coz lol ;) On Mike's Lap Got Your Nose! Snuggling in the Dressing Gown What a Big Softy
  22. Not a major problem but... I moved into my house in May 08... I have two wonderful neighbours to the left and right, we get on very well and are often found nattering over the fence etc... However the older guy (80-something) who lives over the road is a slightly different matter. He seemed really friendly at first, got me a hanging basket as a moving in present (he is an AVID gardener). He started then making suggestions about my garden, and then telling my Mum (who knows her stuff when it comes to gardening) who had come up to help, what she should be doing... He also suggested coming around into the back garden to sort out the water butt for me. But the cherry on the top had to be when he said he had a conifer that he had been given (by one of my other neighbours) and that it would look nice in my front garden. I said I would think about it, but thank you (well I was new to the close, wanted to seem friendly). After I had unpacked a few more things upstairs I walked downstairs to find this guy finishing up planting the conifer in the MIDDLE of my lawn!!! He had removed the grass that Mum and I had put there purposefully and stuck this small tree into the hole. I was shocked... I didnt know what to do... he just said he had watered it and smiled and walked off... I must have looked a bit like a fish out of water... mouth opening and closing. Anyway... later that night (under cover of darkness) I was given some turf from a friend and I took out that conifer and patched it up. Didnt see the guy for a couple of days, but when I did I just said I wanted it as grass cause it was easier... he had thought someone had stolen it... and I later found out he had confronted my neighbours about it thinking they had taken the conifer back!! OMG :P lol Needless to say we dont talk to him much now... and since we started ripping up the back garden to do our own thing, we speak even less lol :P
  23. Pop over whenever you like hon, you know that... just give me a call first to make sure I'm there! ;) I'm sure Monty will love to meet Auntie Asha :D
  24. He is indeed from the RSPCA Bizarra and called Monty... but he is also only about 1 year old... possibly just under so not finished growing quite yet. As far as his personality Em... he has many conversations with us... (we think he is part Siamese as he has massive and strong long back legs and a very thin tail with a kink in the end)... he talks to us loads.... and gives us kisses. If you sit down he is often in your lap in minutes... he LOVES catnip (we got him a couple of mice) and the first night he was here he wouldnt leave us alone and so we got no sleep because we had kitty kisses, pawing/padding and a cat trying to walk on us and talk to us while we were getting to sleep (needless to say last night we barricaded the door! lol) When he is really content he dribbles a little, but its not back... unless you are lying in bed and he gives you a big wet slobbery kiss. He is so good natured tho, and gets on with anyone... settled in really quick! :) Very very happy :) ***link fixed***
  25. Well.. I've been away for a bit... not saying I'm back for good or any of that stuff... I'll always be lurking in the background ;) But I wanted you to meet our new addition... (especially Em ;) ) Here is Monty when we found him at the local RSPCA and this was him last night on my knee (to be fair he was on our knees within 12 hours lol very affectionate cat) I'm sure more pics will follow... and for those who are really interested in this little chap (and have a faster internet connection) there is a vid of him messing about to download... (25MB tho... so most may not want to bother!)
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