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  1. Hi Peter Basically the injector is held in place by a v shaped clamp that is torqued down with a lock nut and held in place. So the rocket cover needs to be removed along with all of the fuel lines, glow plug and cabling, to get access to the injectors. Once in the the v shaped clamp should be replaced and torqued back into place, then the whole top end reassembled It's a good idea to check the other clamps when it's all opened up as well. The engine oil that was leading out is used to cool the injectors. Once the injector is back in place the oil leak drops too. The rocket cover gasket should also be replaced. Hope this helps. D
  2. Thanks Frosty and Konrad. What are your thoughts on the Parrot kit? Or, are the xcarlink and connects2 more highly thought of? I guess the benefit of the Parrot is the separate display unit, that the others don't have? I'd appreciate your thoughts. Cheers guys, D
  3. Hi guys, I'm back resurrecting an old thread here as I'm trying to get some assistance. The young driver alluded to at the start of this thread has passed his test, and I subsequently got him a Peugeot 207 M:Play - basically has aux input box, and twin RCA phono socket inputs, but no BT for telephone / streaming. So I'm on the look out for another BT solution. I know, I know....You're going to say "Post on the Peugeot owners club forum"; but I have done and got bugger all back on that forum, so I thought I'd come back to my friends on the Toyota forum for advice. The cheapest thing seems to be to change the head unit; but the Pug has steering wheel mounted controls, and using a different head unit makes it troublesome to reset the clock, date etc. So, does anyone have any good shout outs for a BT solution? With the IO Play 2 being now virtually unobtainable, I was looking at the connects2, Parrot, and just saw xcarlink has one as well. Cheers, D
  4. Hi all, A colleague has just purchased a 2006 Corolla Verso 1.6 petrol. After inspection by mechanic to diagnose a fuel leak, he has been told that the fuel tank is rusted through, which seems a bit rough considering it's only 10 year old. Anyway, does anyone have a source for replacement tanks for the Corolla Verso? How much and where? Thanks in advance, D
  5. I worked this one out - I simply did a Reset of the system and reconnected everything - all is well with the world....
  6. Another option is to try to get an NOS (New Old Stock) iO Play 2 from a Halfords outlet. I managed to get one locally here in NI but I know that there are some of them available in the UK. The Salisbury and Gravesend stores have (or had) them, but they would not do a transfer to a local store here. Ultimately though I managed to track one down here; and I believe transfers between stores on the same land mass can be facilitated. Asking price was only £65, which for Bluetooth phone, Music streaming, iPod connection, and AUX In is pretty good value for money. You'll also need the appropriate SOT lead. Having never installed one of these before, I was able to complete the job in a couple of hours, so not that difficult overall. You will need a dash trim removal kit that can be had off eBay for a few pounds too.
  7. Try the search function..... http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/search/?q=towbar&type=forums_topic&nodes=110
  8. Konrad (or others...) Just got the unit all wired in, and connected up the iPod to play music, but it did not route through the car stereo. I have not completed the install just yet, but wanted to turn it on to check for power etc. No issues with the power side but I had a question.... There is mention of a mute connection (both pink and brown). These are currently tied together, but do I need to feed these into a mute port on the stereo? Once I start to pair phones etc. will that clear up some of the issues? I may have more questions, so please bear with me..... apologies. Thanks in advance, D. EDIT:_ All connected in - BT calls and streaming working perfectly - just the iPod lead not playing music back through the stereo? Anyone got any ideas?? Cheers, D
  9. OK - I got the iO Play 2 kit today. In it there is the following:- The iO Play 2 "black box" - that all the cables connect to. The LED output. The controller switch. 30 pin iPod lead ISO harness Aux harness External Microphone. So, forgive me, but I am confused - I thought iO Play 2 had a 180W amplifier??
  10. Thanks Konrad - the trim removal kit is already purchased and I just pushed the button on the SOT062 adaptors. Thanks for your help. Just wondering, looking at the first video, if there is a pair of scissors in the kit too....
  11. Result - turned up an iO Play 2 up over here from Halfords - price £65. Booked it over the phone and will pick it up tomorrow. Might need some assistance from you Konrad in getting it installed.....
  12. Thanks Konrad - was this recently? I just wonder if they would post it to me, as it's not exactly local to me.... I'll give them a call to find out. - Sold out!!
  13. Thanks Konrad. iO Play 2 is one I am familiar with as I looked at it previously and it seems to be a very thorough offering. The problem now is that it seems to have been taken off the market, as I am unable to source it anywhere. I think if I had the option of an iO Play 2 kit at £80 then that's the way I would go, although I think there is a bit more work to be done in terms of the overall install. If you have a link to where I can buy it, especially at that £80 price I'd snap it up. I'll have a look on the bay this morning as well.
  14. Picked up the Auras tonight - 1.6 TR with 57k on it. So got the colour code - will be ordering some touch up paint for it presently. Also took a photo of the stereo - is this the one that will take this adaptor for Bluetooth, USB, and Aux....? By the way - weakest washer jets I have seen since my 1984 Fiesta.