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  1. I've located the fuse boxes but can't find the fuse for the dash mounted Cig lighter. Is there one or is it a matter of changing the socket. I know some have a fusable connection on them (ie it melts when overheated). Any help greatly appreciated..
  2. Once cleaned try gentle polishing with "Peanut Butter" Amazing stuff for restoring plastic.
  3. Excellent reply Hoovie some really good info but what about the wheel nuts? Surely the fitting should match the new wheels or enormous stresses could apply themselves to the Alloy wheel causing at the very least cracks, at the worst the wheel to come off.
  4. Use the following link and you will be able to calculate the overall size of the wheel and tyre combination.
  5. For the hot starting issue have you checked the output from the alternator. My son had a similar issue with his BMW. The alternator output was too high and overheating the battery which would then refuse to sart the car. Voltage checks on the battery were good but not enough to turn or start the engine. Replacing the alternator cured the problem. Max output should be around 14.2 volts, anymore than this means the output diode is fried.
  6. As a follow up I have just fitted the Cree Led sidelight bulbs as mentioned in previous posts. Although a lot brighter than my sons LED's they are certainly not any whiter and still have the blue tinge. Be interesting to see if the local jobsworth plod says anything to me.
  7. thewingedavenger

    No Power

    Try dissconecting the pipes to the intercooler as they could be full of oil as well. Not blocking but severly restricting the air flow. When turbo seals blow it can empty the oil from the engine very quickly, even to the point where the engine will run on the oil being sucked in.
  8. Godd result, Well chuffed for you!
  9. thewingedavenger

    No Power

    Is the CAT attached to the manifold or part of the exhaust on this model? Certainly the oil in the exhaust would account for the smoking and it takes a while to heat up and burn out. If the CAT is attached to the manifold did you disconnect the exhaust after it?
  10. thewingedavenger

    No Power

    Has the CAT been cleaned out? Normally if a turbo fails large quanties of oil are blown past the turbo seals contaminating the CAT. If its been sitting around for a year before any attempt to repair, the CAT could be almost entirely blocked!
  11. Normally fiitted somewhere on the intake manifold. Suction on turning the engine over makes contact in the switch allowing current through to the fuel pump. Fiited to most modern petrol engines for safety reasons. Be very surprised if they don't have one or something very similer. A dirty or faulty crankshaft position sensor can also cause similer problems
  12. Are these engines fitted with a vacuum switch to control the fuel pump. I would be looking here as I had a petrol engined scenic that used to fail to start intermittantly. Happened raraly so very difficult to diagnose. Changed the switch and never had the problem again.
  13. Only had mine 4 months and have to say its the best car I've ever bought. Nice to see some posts praising the car and not just peeps with problems. Ravs Rule OK! :D
  14. Well I've made it, just under 13 hours of horrendous conditions and idiot drivers. Big thanks to everyone for the good wishes and advice and a Special Thankyou to MR Toyota for making such a brilliant car. Have to say that it didn't miss a beat and from the computer has averaged out at 46.7 mpg. No doubt a bit optimistec but still !Removed! good.. Rav's Rule OK!