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  1. Following up on my "hello" post just a few pics of my Mk1 b. Some more pics and info here : http://www.toyotaown...howtopic=137946 Safe driving...... Kruss
  2. Have a look on Ebay at the TRD alloy caps. They look way better than the standard Toyota cap.
  3. I am a Mk1 guy so not sure specific things for the Mk2 but certain things remain. Depending on service history i would have thought a general check around of suspension joints and rubber bushes. Whilst your under the car have a look at the brake pipes both ridged and rubber flex. Basic stuff can be changed like engine, transmission oil and brake fluid change. The coolent additive, anti freeze (Toyota for life or equiv) is quite important to prevent corrosion in the engine and more important to the amount of pipe work running from the engine to the front of the car. Other than that check for any bodged mods as its quite common. Best of luck
  4. Hi I am Krussel Ive just joined this forum and would like to say hello. Some may know me from the "two brutal" forum. I have a mint 1990 mk1b and love it. Ive posted a intro in the new members section with some pics of my Mk1. All the best folks.
  5. Hello all, Ive just joined so i thought i would post some info and pics of my classic 1990 Mk1b with just 40k miles from new. I bought the car 9 years ago with just 36,000 miles and currently it’s now approaching 41,000. So as you can see it does not get used all that often, in fact only in the summer months as a second car. The rest of the time it’s covered in a heated garage. I ve been really lucky (well I took a year to find it) and she’s been 100% reliable and always started first time. Never been welded or failed an MOT or even had an advisory. It just goes to show that these little cars if not neglected are built to last. These came out way back when i passed my driving test and i always promised myself one when i had the money. I’ve slowly been renovating the car over the years and spent some money improving it over the winters. Really just replacing things that have got a little old. Spent way too much on her really. Parts replaced (those I can think of) New radiator Complete suspension rebuild teardown and re paint Polybush all round Inc anti roll bar Track rod ends Bottom suspension joints Complete set of tie rods New standard height road springs 20% stiffer gas shock inserts New brake discs and Mintex pads Overhauled callipers Stainless brake pipes Timing belt and tensioner Water pump Clutch (polished transmission casing) X2 electric aerials High level LED 3rd brake light Scorpion alarm with remote central locking and anti jack lock Paul Woods reduce cold tick over mod Polished Alloys Waxoyld every 3 yrs Brake fluid every 2 yrs Coolant every 3 yrs Oil and filter every year Air filter & plugs New Pirelli 6000's all round Drives pretty much like new. Unused spare wheel (never been on car) and tool kit The cost, well to be honest I’ve not added it all up although I have all the receipts in a full A4 folder along with every Mot going back to 1996. Prob more than the car is worth I guess. I also have kept a picture diary (another filled folder) of all the work carried out. Trouble is I’ve run out of things to do now. I really do not want to mod the car as it’s such a low mileage example it would ruin its originality. The wife recons sell it and start on something else which we can all enjoy such as a performance salon for holidays etc. I do find the idea of letting her go very hard but I must say I am quite tempted if I got offered a good price? Some pics of my baby.
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums Krussel :)