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  1. Further to my previous post - about my 1987 classic Corolla leaking coolant - I may decide to buy something more modern. If anyone is selling a hatchback or estate - please let me know. fortworth303@gmail.com Thanks
  2. I have a beautiful - low mileage Corolla EE80 ( 1987) and it's leaking coolant from the spout that's on the side of the engine block. The spout where the hose fits has rotted. I also need a new radiator for the car. I don't want to have to sell the car yet - Can anyone give me some advice? Please post - I prefer a direct e mail to this address - fortworth303@gmail.com Thanks.
  3. I have a 1987 Corolla 1 -3 cc - the choke is staying on - causing it to flood. Does anyone know how to free the choke? fortworth303@gmail.com
  4. Thanks for your info - I'm still unsure if the connector will screw out - or after 29 years - will it crumble under pressure from the grips? My local Toyota dealer have no idea - and I can't get a Haynes Manual for this car. If any member know of an ee80 being broken - I will buy the complete thermostat housing. my e mail is fortworth303@gmail.com
  5. I have a 1987 corolla EE80 - the hose from the heater to the thermostat housing joins on to a short metal connector - and the connector is leaking. Does this connector screwout - should I patch it with a sealant ( plastic metal)? Can any member advise me? On my photo I have marked the connector with white tape. fortworth303@gmail.com
  6. I am losing water from the thermostat housing on my 1987 Corolla ee80 - Can anyone tell me where to go for the part? fortworth303@gmail.com
  7. Can anyone help? I have a beautiful 1987 corolla 1-3 - five door executive - and the rear - passenger side indicator lens has a small hole in it. where can i get a replacement , yellow lens? Jerry e mail - fortworth303@gmail.com
  8. Hi there - I too have a Corolla EE80. Low mileage - immaculate - except for some corrosion on the front offside wheel arch. Is it possibe to get a wing these days? Jerry
  9. If there are any motor dealers out there - who want an advertising jingle - go to my website and listen to my radio jingles. Go www.songwritersandproducers.com

  10. I have a beautiful - 1987 Corolla 1-3 executive - 5 door - EE80. Only 2 previous owners - current mileage 78,500 miles. My front offside wheel arch is showing some corrosion. Does anyone know where I can get a wing? I may be doing a straight swap for an estate - as I carry musical instruments from time to time. So I want to keep it immaculate. I can get a wing for an EE90 - but I'm not sure if it will fit. So members - please help me. jerry ( Walsall )
  11. I have finally sold my 1985 Corolla Estate - ( KE70) and bought a 1987 Corolla Executive 5 door. I've just discovered that the base of the rear seat doesn't lift up against the front seats - so I can't get a flat floor in which to put in the usual large items. Do any of you members know? Can I swap the seat brackets fot hinged ones? Like the estate cars have. Jerry
  12. Thanks Mick - I still believe it's a valve sticking in the carb. A green coloured valve, according to an ex Toyota mechanic I spoke to. I have to start it with full throttle at present - I can't get to choke to just rev on it's own from cold. And it floods easy. When it's warm it drives fine. I've been told to spray some Wynn's Carb cleaner into the top of the carb. Is that OK to do. Jerry
  13. Can anyone sell me a Haynes manual for the Corolla 1.3 GL. EE80? classiccorolla@hotmail.co.uk
  14. Can you members help me? I have a 1987 Corolla 1.3. EE80 - 2E engine. It won't start when cold. I've been told it's a common problem - where a valve in the carburetor is sticking. Is this so? And how do I fix it? Jerry classiccorolla@hotmail.co.uk
  15. I have a 1985 Corolla KE70 Estate. ( 1.3 DX) It's a fantastic drive - but now needs door skins, sills , wheel arches. Can I still buy them anywhere? I don't really want to put it off the road - as the insurance is ony £94 a year. If you can help with spares - please mail me. classiccorolla@hotmail.co.uk
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