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  1. Price is not an issue as i have been putting money aside for this project for years.Thanks for the advise,but i cannot re-trim the old ones because of the head rest it is completely incompatible,plus there is the question of width of the seat as well! I mean if i could get another toyota models leather seats and bolt them to the rav 4 frame that would be an option but then again i have been searching for that option as well ,with no success at the minute.In 2 weeks the car goes in for a complete respray and i would love to have all the bits in order for me to get it all finished at one time,instead of when i can find some sort of thing.Thanks for listening fella's.
  2. I have tried ebay! Having trouble locating any, doing a full resto job on it and would like to have them,or an alternative that i can use.
  3. Anyone out there know where i can get some second hand leather seats for my 96 Rav 4,Spending some money on the old girl and i want a new interior for her anyone with suggestions welcome!!
  4. Hi All, I am spending a few scheckles on my old Rav 4, love the thing to bits! But as i said i am after spending a few quid on her after a sudden windfall.Most of my friends say, get a newer one,But i say no as i have had the car and plan to overhaul and keep it running for another 20 years. So anyway i am after some leather seats for it anyone with any ideas were i can get hold of some? Oh my Rav is a 1996 ,can i modify any other toyota models seats into my Rav? Thanks!
  5. Hi There, My name is Chris,i am a newbie rav 4 owner,but proud as punch i now have one! Great for throwing my 4 dogs to shows and all that.The reason i am replying and i dont wish to sound cheeky what so ever............................but if your selling the dog guard i will give you a fair price for it!
  6. Thanks for all the welcomes,i have now got to the bottom of my issue,it was a throttle body that is faulty! Got one off ebay for £20 Job done!
  7. Hi All, I am a newbie and i was pointed this way to try and get help on my very poorly Rav4.It keeps cutting out and i have to sit there till it cools down and i can try again.It is holding temp and not overheating.But the issue is i took it to the garage and cos they couldnt plug it in they are not interested!!!! I bought the car a week ago now and when i got it,the petrol was bone dry nearly,i put £60 of Shell Otimax in it the high octance stuff. Does anyone think that i may have dragged all the shiot up from the bottom of the tank? Or something else.Its a 94 Rav, need help if any one could be so kind.
  8. Thanks me being a Newbie and all that!
  9. 40 going on 80! 2 cars, 4 dogs,2 parrots,kids and a Mrs with a red hot credit card! anyone for a nervous breakdown like me?
  10. Hi All, You all maybe asking about the user name well i think its pretty apt as i have a Rav4 and i have 4 Doberman's that get carted around in my Rav. I will be honest i wouldn't normally be on a forum as i pretty much computer useless. Now i am in the doo doo at the moment! My old 94 Rav has conked out and i am looking for suggestions as me and my Dobes are due at a show on Sunday and our Rav is not starting, so i have a few questions to ask and i was wondering if anyone could give me a few suggestions as i am at my whits end! I have 2.0 ltr auto Rav on a "N" reg,she has done more miles than the moon but she is all mine! Anyway,today was the start of problems i came out of work and the car cut out on me ,she restarted after a couple of goes and i was on my way again.then she cut out for good and i couldn't get her started again.So i let her cool down as the temp gauge was showing as everything was normal before the cut out.So i managed to get home after a few stops on the way.Now since this has happened i have turned her over and she smells like she is running rich but then cuts out,its as if the spark plugs are getting flooded and cutting out the engine.Now i know it could be a sensor of some sort or it could be a dose of things. So there we have it folks, me and my four dobes are at a loss with a show in front of us! Please help!!!!
  11. Welcome to the Toyota forums doberav 4 :)

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      thankyou very much,Steve, for the welcome!