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  1. Gday all..... I am just hoping that someone out there has some knowledge of the ELM327 obd scanner..... Most of you out there would have an obd/obd2 (on board diagnostic) port under your dash (have a look, its obvious, right in front of your face!). But for the rest of us, we have just the standard diagnostic port under the hood of our vehicle. (you know the one where you bridge the pins and count the flashes to get the error code to find out why your engine light is on!) Anyway, I have a 2001 Hiace SBV, it doesnt have an obd port, but i bought online an 'obd to Toyota 17 pin' diagnostic link adaptor so i can connect my ELM327. I have used my ELM327 on my brothers 2006 Hiace, his has an obd port under the dash, and oh my god its awesome, i use it with the program 'Scanmaster', and everything to do with the vehicles efi system is right there on my pc screen. Butttt.. when i try to use this adaptor i bought for the standard diag link on my 2001 hiace, the ELM327 wont even turn on. (Sorry, getting to the point!......) I would be really grateful to hear from someone out there who has successfully used an ELM (or any obd scanner) on a Toyota that doesnt have OBD under the dash. And if so, did you use a 17 pin or 21 pin adaptor? PLEASE HELP! THANKYOU!!!!!
  2. G'day! Thankyou Paul and Peter, thats real nice of you guys.....(now i just have to figure out how to post my question in the right place lol!)
  3. Aussie Hiace Owner: Seeking other Hiace owners!

  4. Aussie Hiace Owner: Seeking other Hiace owners!

  5. Toyota owners club sticker?! .... wow that sounds cool, hows about you guys send a few here to Australia?! 2 Hiaces and a Rav 4, we can fly your flag!
  6. Finally got it!.... now...... anyyyyone here have knowledge of obd/obd2 ?!

  7. Hi everyone, Henri is the name, I live in Sydney, Australia, and i have a 2001 Hiace SBV along with a bunch of tech questions..!.. I am looking for anyone who can help me in regards to the ELM327 diagnostic module, and obd in general. Does anyone out there have a hiace like mine, that doesnt have an obd port, but has succesfully used an obd scanner with an adaptor? (and was that adaptor an obd to toyota 17pin?) I also DESPERATELY am looking for a program that would allow me to use my ELM327 on an Android tablet, but NOT VIA BLUETOOTH, i need a program that allows me to plug my elm into my tablet through usb. If there is someone out there that can help, i would be eternally grateful........
  8. I wish i could figure out how to establish my profile?!

  9. Welcome to the Toyota forums Paulman :)