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  1. Local Garage had a look at her and gave the EGR a clean out on Friday but still on limp mode and lights on. So today Sunday I took her out and gave it a proper blast i.e NO kids in the car had a big cloud off smoke at a very illegal speed and then took her home and diconected the battery for and hour. Touch wood it's worked, we've just taken the kids to the pictures which is a 60mile round trip and the cars been fine no lights and pulls like a train.
  2. Wife phoned the Garage while I was at work today and they e mailed the Warrenty details to us today with a contact number. So she'll ring them first thing Monday fingers x'd. Hopefully get it sorted and start enjoying some trouble free Toyota driving, just miffed we've only had it 5 days.
  3. Right had the Verso T180 only 5 days and the engine lights come on with the VLC light and gone into Limp Mode and my local garage has said the EGR is on its way out. Problem being is I bought the car at an independant garage over 80miles away, and the thought off diving that far on limp modes not good? What are my options for kicking off and claiming on the Warrenty.
  4. So from having a quick look at the link the engines in these cars are far from bomb proof? Toying with sorting a Warranty now reading that lot!
  5. Just bought an 07 Verso with 67k on the clock, so far I like it is there anything to watch out for? And any sensible mods etc that you lads are doing? :)
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