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  1. Happy Birthday Rupesh17!

  2. Hi Guys, I think ive got a problem, just wondering what you guys think...Every time i push my clutch down it makes this rather squeeky noise, like when you rub 2 balloons together? This happens on my brothers Corolla T Sport as well, any ideas what this might be? Maybe lack of lubricant? Cheers Rupesh17
  3. Wicked Cheers for the info lads, i changed both the bulbs but took me a while lol. Ultra White LEDs now are lighting up the whole road!
  4. Hi guys!! Just ordered new bulbs and want to put them in myself into the headlights rather then paying someone and charging me silly amount to fit it in for me! Anyone know how i can do this, i own a 54 plate Yaris Cheers guys!
  5. Completely removed then lights off the car lol, this way u can do a better job on the lights. Easy to remove? Well just a few screws here and there and will come straight off
  6. as for the MOT bit, may be a bit dodge if you do the full amont of coats in the video, i just did 2 LIGHT coats of nite shade (done by holding the can further away) and passed the MOT.
  7. i could explain but these videos are the best! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSKA0ElKg1Q (part 1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8-hZP6-ZY8&feature=relmfu (part 2) ive used this method, requires a decent amount of time a patience but this works wonders! hopes this helps matey!
  8. http://cgi.ebay.co.u...5#ht_1646wt_956 >>>>>would these suit? Those are only suitable for sidelight replacements.......They are not headlight bulbs (As stated in the sellers description) this is where i get confused, so i need 2 pairs of bulbs basically? 1 pair for headlights and 1 pair of sidelight bulbs? also what the average cost of each bulb?...so ive got a head up Please helppp cheers!!
  9. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270632193955#ht_1646wt_956 >>>>>would these suit?
  10. This sound is so annoying happening on my 54 plate Yaris, i dont understand how to stop it myself, do i have to go to a dealer?
  11. Thanks PaulinhoT, howmuch did these cost and where did you get them from? What about the bulbs for my bottom foglights
  12. Hey Guys!!! Hope your all well! First things first, got my first car last week, yep you guessed it a nice 2005 Yaris with 25k on the clock, straight from Ronbrookes dealer ship up in Nottingham, luckily its was doing 56Mpg!!! Right, to the topic now, i want to change my headlights to the 'High Performance Set' however im a tad confused on which ones to get, the bulbs which fit ideally are 501's however i have no clue about which bulbs fit, suit the car and are road legal! + would i need to change the bulbs on my bottom spotlights as well? Please help meee!!!
  13. Hi Guys, New Toyota Owner....lets cut to the chase, ive found myself a nippy 1.3l 54plate Yaris and yes its my first car...I want to change the bulbs into a high performance set...anyone know which ones i need, i think the bulb type is 501 but theres so many different colours etc etc, i want something that looks nice and that is legal! Please Help!!!!!
  14. Welcome to the Toyota forums Rupesh17 :)

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