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  1. Cheers CPN for that very quick response. All working perfect now 🙂
  2. Hi, hoping someone can advise. I have a 2017 Prius Business Edition+ with the Toyota Touch 2 Go system. I cannot get it to connect to the internet via my phone. My phone connects via Bluetooth no problem for 'phone' and 'music (and works as expected), but as soon as I select the connect for internet option, it will try for about 1 second, then just come up with "Sorry connection has failed". I have mobile hotspot enabled as instructed - which works perfectly on my phone when I use it with other devices. I have also registered my car on the MyToyota page. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8. Does anyone have any advice? Many thanks.
  3. Hi Craig, Many thanks for the welcome and your prompt response. Thank you for the information. Best regards Stuart
  4. Hi everyone, Just joined the forum today. I'm seriously considering purchasing a Toyota iQ2. Took one for a 2 hour test drive on Friday over a series of different roads (motorways, a-roads, country roads, hilly roads etc etc), and was really impressed. Just got one, rather random, question which is bugging me regarding the stereo system. I know it is MP3 compatible i.e. I can burn a data CD full of MP3s (which I do in my other cars all the time). If I make an MP3 CD with all my music sorted into folders, how do you skip through the folders on the iQs stereo? I couldn't figure it out (and I know there are not a lot of buttons to choose from LOL). Any assistance would be most appreciated. Thanks Stuart.
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums orion83uk :)