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  1. Ovv

    Bought One.

    Left a deposit on the one I drove last weekend, hopefully picking it up later this week once a few niggles have been sorted. Back bumper and rear leather seat repair. Looking forward to getting it home and detailed upto my anal standards. Pity the dealer is being a plebe about giving me some free mats, hopefully he will see sense as Im going to badger him each day until its ready. One thing Im not sure about is the side moulding on the door, can these be removed easily enough - the RAV is silver and the strips havent been colour coded so they stick out like sore thumb. How are they attached ?
  2. Ovv

    Toyota Finance ?

    At £400, it seems rather steep, a quick quote online from autotrader quotes £115. That's some difference. Last time I renewed the insurance, I was told I would get market value for the car, and that they would look online or if I could find proof of similar cars of the same year and mileage they would consider settling at the higher value. I think it's only the second time I've been offered a Gap product, the previous time I wasn't interested, this time I think it could be a good idea, having a young family it would leave us short if anything were to happen, so I might consider it this time, but not at£400.
  3. Ovv

    Toyota Finance ?

    Well Ive never really bothered with this sort of thing before, but for some reason this time I think its a good idea. I know GAP can be bought cheaper, so Im not convinced. I hate it when salesmen add this on at the end, always makes me feel they are going for extra commission. Wont be going down the 0% route - dont have a whacking big deposit and I certainly dont want a pcp again. Call me cynical but why do I get the feeling that in a few years' time we're gonna see a similar ambulance-chasing scenario re mis-sold GAP Ins as we've got now with PPI and the banks? GAP seems utterly perverse to me - insuring against the failure of your insurance company to deal with your legitimate loss! Take it you never had it then ?
  4. Ovv

    Toyota Finance ?

    sorry, just realised I edited the original post after you guys had replied. Toyota have added in Total Loss Protection - £415, worth it or not ? Ive seen GAP insurance advertised online starting from £139 odds.. Toyota say that its valid for three years at the value of the invoice cost should you need to make a claim.
  5. Ovv

    Toyota Finance ?

    They certainly are, but I dont have enough deposit to make the monthly payments go as low as I want. Plus, buying a brand new car aint really my style. Yours has been mentioned a few times, think Im just going for the regular XTR now though. Cheaper to run so I'm led to believe, plus I need to get something in place now, and sadly your swanning about Canada... ;)
  6. Ovv

    Toyota Finance ?

    Has anyone used Toyota to finance the purchase of their RAV ? Have had a quote but wondered what they were like to deal with, say for example repaying early - is there any fees or penalty for doing so ? Also has anyone ever had to use the Total Loss Protection ? It has been added into my finance example, supposedly 3 years worth of cover should your car be written off - covering the difference between the invoice price and what the insurance company would pay out. Chris.
  7. Ovv

    Test Drive Today.

    Well, after sitting down and looking at the figures, its looking likely that the RAV4 is back on again, in the process of thrashing out a deal at the moment. By contributing a small deposit the monthly figures actual works out better than paying off the Audi, newer car with lower mileage with space we need makes more sense. On a different note, has anyone every retro fitted the SR180 wheel arch extensions ?? I did a quick search on here and noted that last year someone had costed it and it was going to be £800+ for parts/spraying/fitted etc - I have someone who can do the spraying and possibly fit them so its just a matter of buying the parts. Does anyone have the part numbers or a online link to where they can be bought ? Chris.
  8. Ovv

    Test Drive Today.

    I know, it's pretty shocking. I certainly wouldn't go down that route again. It's a shame as I really had hoped to get into a Rav4 - was a much better drive than the CRV I drove last weekend. Oh well, I should have put my lottery number on tonight just in case.
  9. Ovv

    Test Drive Today.

    Yeah, maybe next year once the wife's back to work full time after maternity leave. Would have gone for the 150 anyways I think, lower mileage with more spec. Had hoped that I would have had about 2k in equity, away to chuck it on Pistonheads and Autotrader.
  10. Ovv

    Test Drive Today.

    I headed down to Western Toyota in Edinburgh today to look at a SR180 and a D4D XTR so I could get a comparison between the two. Only actually ended up driving one, a nice spec'd 59 XTR - full leather heated seats, keyless entry and start button. Was a great drive, and the dealer was more than happy to give us a nice extended drive on a mixture of A & B roads. Really enjoyed the car and was more than happy with the performance, was a 150 model, so slightly confused as I thought it was either 136 or 180 available. The intention was then to test drive the SR180, however that's when the bombshell hit us. My current Audi has a balloon payment due and the intention was to trade it and use the equity between the trade in and the final payment, turns out that the trade in value is pretty much the same as the final balloon payment, leaving us with no extra cash to help bring down the final cost. Therefore, we decided there wasn't much point in doing the second drive. Dealer said he would try and get some figures to us for the SR180 as it was cheaper than the XTR, however it looks like the monthly payments that we are used to for the Audi would double, which sadly isnt possible. Feeling a bit stupid and gutted, and came home feeling rather deflated as me and the Mrs were really impressed with the drive. Looks like its back to the drawing board, either selling the Audi privately or just making the Balloon payment and keeping the Audi. Oh well, what's meant to be will be I guess. Chris
  11. Oh my... what have I started. Charlie did PM me to tell me all about the troubles he has had, and this was after I had asked him about his car after seeing it on PH. Although I am new to the forum, I respect his honesty in telling me all about his car and its associated problems, alot of people could have easily said - "yes its my car on PH, come have a look at it if your interested" - instead he was upfront and gave me an opinion - whether good or bad, I guess thats for other users who know him better than I do to decide whether its a fair opinion. Charlie also did PM regarding the SR180 that Big Kev owns and he had the following to say: "Kevis car is stunning.. Bodily its not quite perfect but its as close to perfect as You will get !! It is a genuine car that has the Lindop kit fitted and is very well looked after.. I think it may be a wee bit expensive though" If I hadn't signed up to the forum, then I wouldn't have known of the engine problems in the earlier models - now that I know there could be a problem I have made a informed decision that if I buy it will be from a dealer in order to get the warranty and it will be a 09 2009 plate onwards. I have read through the various post about the problems, but what car doesn't have a problem which is always a hot topic of debate. For example - Im a Subaru fan and on my 3rd one, my previous was a 2.5 Hawkeye model, notorious for drinking oil and knocking suspension, after discovering this information I made sure I bought one with plenty of service history and replaced the shocks with coilovers to prevent this failure and checked the oil weekly. Recently I bought a P1, the topic of debate on these are the engines, common to fail at around the 50k mark - some say they dont need rebuilt and wont fail with many cars doing 80k plus, whilst others said buying a car without a rebuild was asking for trouble, I used the advise from both sides of this argument to help me make my decision - in this case I decided to buy a car with a rebuild - as there is no warranty on buying privately. Without forums and peoples opinions, I would have been none the wiser to any of the problems. Anyways - I hope I haven't kicked up a hornets nest, I will sticking around on the forum if I do purchase one, which is looking quite likely given my budget I have. Charlie says he wouldn't have another, I could say the same about the SEAT I previously owned which was also a problem car. Heading to Edinburgh on the weekend to have a look at the SR180 and the normal D4D XTR for a comparison. And on a lighter note - is retro fitting sat nav possible, if so wheres the best place to buy the unit from and how easy is it to fit ?? Chris.
  12. Obviously Charlie has had issues which from the sounds of them, have been extensive. As with any brand of car, there is always issues - its nice to know what they are and the potential problems that lead to these failures. I will be buying from a dealer in order to get the 12 month warranty if I do go down the Toyota route, at the end of the day the prices are better there than elsewhere and the warranty obviously makes more sense.
  13. Cheers for the honesty, I will certainly take into consideration such problems when looking around.
  14. You wouldn't recommend it ??? Is this due to the experience with the engine ? I thought Toyota's were quite reliable.
  15. Will do, is there a for sale thread on here ? Cool, thanks for the link - will have a proper read through at lunch time. Is the Lindop tuning box suitable for both the XTR & SR model ? Also - is that your RAV4 on Pistonheads - blue which has just been detailed ? If it is, it looks very nice. The thought of returning to a petrol has crossed my mind, last few cars have been diesel - however I already have a V power munching Subaru and I feel the diesel offsets that, we quite often go away for longer runs at the weekend. Plus a lot of the petrol powered models of other manufacturers like Honda etc, want £400+ for road tax - which I refuse to pay. I think my wife is swaying more towards a CRV as there seems more space, but as its out of price range the RAV seems a good alternative, either that or I buy a MK6 GT Golf, which really isn't any bigger than the current Audi.