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  1. havent ever looked for the comp but i have a t sport and theres some pretty good bits for it on fensport...
  2. Oh yeah I see what you mean probably didnt change the shocks, well I deffenatly need the car lowered so I'll probably buy the springs and if the shocks can't handle it I'll just buy an uprated set when/if they decide to go wrong
  3. yeah but cus i have facelift i think the apex springs will only lower my car about 20mm to 25mm, its only the prefacelift it drops the full 40mm ... am i correct in thinking this..?
  4. just been looking on internet, eibach springs £175 a set of APEX springs £105 if i got apex that would save me £70 has anyone used these? it says they lower 40mm but my car is a face lift t sport so would it lower about 20mm..?
  5. nice car, i havnt had my t sport long either but i love it, your cars stance is nice on thoes coil overs would look seriously mean with dark color alloys, whats the ride like..?
  6. oh cool i think thts what im gunna get either a tte set or a eibach set thanks for the advice guys, cant wait to drop it, really does sit to high, looks so much better just tht little bit lower
  7. Yeah that's what I want just a little lower and a nice set of 17 inch alloys probly get a set of rota alloys and tte springs
  8. That's great, thanks for the info I'll look into them, any one used eilbach springs..?
  9. im in the same boat want my facelift corolla lower, price dosent bother me to much as long as they are under £200 i want advice on the best springs to give me between 20 and 40 mm drop, the best build quality and ride quality are very important any help and advice would be much appreciated
  10. bwj182

    Mrj's T Sport

    im deffinatly going to try that on my lights, what do you think of the tte springs..? i want a set of lowering springs but dont want bad ride quality, how well does it ride on the springs not to hard..? thanks
  11. bwj182


    yeah i sorted it, got a aux connects two lead for my head unit now from ebay works fine, has a very short aux jack lead so i had to buy a female to male aux lead to exstend it but its all fitted in really well, looks all standard. i also fitted a line out converter going to a 250 watt two channel amp running my uprated back speakers, giving me awsome sound but keeping the car looking standard
  12. bwj182


    Hi, i have a 2005 toyota corolla t sport with th standard head unit, i want to make it so i can connect my ipod through the standard head unit, after a quik look on ebay i came back with this ... has any one used this exact product, and is it compatible with my standard corolla t sport radio..? any help would be much appreciated thanks
  13. hi, im new to toyota owners club and new to owning a toyota, i have a 2005 facelift corolla t sport, i have see corollas like mine with the tte front bumpers online, but i have looked online for places to buy one and cant find one anywhear :S just wondered if and where they are availble? sorry if its been discussed before but like i said i am new to the owners club and did use the search tool but couldnt get any results i wanted thanks
  14. hi im new to toyota owners club, only had my toyota corolla t sport for just over couple of weeks, wanting insperation and advice on things i can do with my corolla
  15. Welcome to the Toyota forums bwj182 :)