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  1. looking for sett off tsw stealth center caps for 15 inch 4x100 also janspeed backbox .. have to be able post to me il pay.. thanks very mutch need asap
  2. hi looking for few bitts off corolla t sport 1)front strutbrace 2)silver type gearknob 3)silver foot pedels 4)t sport front seats (bucket type) 5)top part off armrest extension on t sports like this 6) also the uprated cd players optional on t sports 7)tsport front matts thanks
  3. looking for corolla e12 rear bumper with spatts or just spatts by themselfs ... also must have post to ireland iff i buy thanks any other e12 parts also looking for and please post picts iff ye can off standerd back bumpers with spatts fitted to it.. cheers :)
  4. hi lads im looking for a rear bumper with spatts or just spatts even so can fitt to my standerd bumper... will have to post to ireland thanks in advance also any e12 parts :) and post picts off spatts fitted to standerd bumper off car :)
  5. iv pmd you bout these lad its been bout 3 weeks now already :) please contact
  6. i have 215/45/r17 on my corolla e12 but was told look nicer lowerned .... can get eibach 30,35 mill loering springs ....but with a full loaad will my car rub,arch,scrape?? still have to be able to bring a full load off desent size lads in car so dono what to do :/ also should i get a strutbrace for it :) thanks
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums corollae12 :)