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  1. Hi All Does anyone know where i can get a Celica 05 'moonroof' interior bulb. 10watt single ended. I'm really struggling to find one and its the only thing wrong (that i've found) with my new Toy i'd appreciate any help cheers Cardigan
  2. Hi All Does anyone know where I can get a 10w single ended bulb for my 05 celica Blue (moonroof)? Or an alternative option?? I appreciate any help as I just can'tfind them, Grrrrrrrr :) cheers Cardigan
  3. Just purchased an 05 'blue' model celica and I'm loving it. Only fault I've found is the material 'collar' (can't remember the correct name) around the gear shift is loose - any ideas how best to fix it. Looking forward to many miles driving and envious looks LOL Regards Cardigan
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums Cardigan Mayhem :)