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  1. My 08 had similar issue, turned out it was a corroded wire. So in your case being a newer car I'd expect it to be a lose connection or possibly a corroded connection as it's being intermittent and only when water is involved (as you've sussed). Mine was only sorted by dropping the rear bumper and exposing the wiring there.
  2. Happy Birthday supervast650!

  3. The problems I had at Aberdeen have been they ignored my initial interest in a car with them. I was ready to buy there and then but they said they couldn't do a deal on the day? You have to mind if you don't go in suited and booted they don't want to know in aberdeen as it's a wealthy market. It's a common problem with them to be honest.
  4. Sorry about the lack of reply Adam, the coolant loss has been nearly the full bottle in 1000 miles maybe a little less mileage wise. I took the cover off the top and the gasket area is wet. I've wiped it dry and going out today so will check it again later. I'm driving down by them by coincidence (spelling poor sorry) so will check it and see if it's down. If so i'll be doing my best to get them to listen to me. Again I'll report back later on what the car does and what the dealer does in fact say!
  5. This may well be true, I more curse myself for trading up to the 2.2 and surrendering the old saloon. The dealer yes I would use them to get the car (possibly) but thinking about it the bullsh!t from the service dept has made me already say I wouldn't let them service any car I had again. Will start looking at alternatives if I can't get my head round toyota.
  6. The car was originally bought from struans and serviced there. The one thing that is an issue is the finance outstanding on mine but hopefully this can be gotten round no matter what dealer I end up with. The only issue I have is that the only other Mr T reasonably local is Arnold Clark and I've never had a good service from them either. I'd look at another brand but honestly don't know what to go with. Each one you read up on has its own issues etc. Thanks guys for getting me to have a sense of perspective on this and taking a step back.
  7. Sorry about the lack of info. Brain is a bit pickled with trying to get the dealer to deal with the issue of oil consumption and now the fact its leaking/loosing coolant but they said they couldn't find any trace where today. From what I have read it has been more the 2.2D that has the majority of the issues, not the 2.0D. The oil consumption/coolant loss is the second issue that I am more having to fight with the dealer to accept and sort. First off the injector on number 4 cylinder went and it took the dealer 6 weeks to actually get it sorted, which resulted in all 4 injectors being replaced as they were all out of spec. Toyota didn't want to deal with me more the dealer.So this is the second "major" issue the car has had within 4 months. I've lost heart in it. My first 2.0D was faultless for 2 years. I traded in for the 2.2D as it was the tourer and the addition of little people wanted me to get the bigger loadspace than the saloon. So it's more of a bail out of a car with a running list of problems (fixed and not fixed) that I've lost confidence in. I do about 30,000 annually so a diesel makes more sense, my car has only 70,000miles and the 2.0 is 29,000. Or maybe I should stick with the 2.2 and see where it takes me
  8. Hey Folks, Following the issues that my 2.2D seems to have thrown at me and still ongoing issues with proving that it's consuming more oil than it should I was wondering if I should consider the following: Trade in my 08 TR, 2.2D Tourer for a 10 plate TR 2.0D? There seems to be lots of info about how the 2.2 has issues, so I looked at the 2010 reviews for the Avensis on here and there seems to be quite a few issues raised also. What is slightly putting me off the 2010 is that it was the ex demo car. It's going to cost extra in monthly payments but I would hope the remaining warranty would cover that against my current 08 which is still a bit of an ticking time bomb. What would people do in a similar position. I don't see any other manufacturers dealers being that keen on trading my 2.2 against a similar sized car. Cheers!
  9. Just back from the dealership. It's a farce to be honest. They can't make their mind up with a few things: First was told the head gasket was gone, then told it wasn't. Told a new engine was ordered, then it wasn't No idea where the coolant is leaking/evaporating from. Found residue on the cylinder head but not sure where the leak is (how about the gasket? not interested as that's not what the issue is, it's oil consumption they are concerned about!) I have to take the car in every 1000miles to have the oil consumption measured? I guess this is done by dropping and measuring the oil in a jug? Anyone confirm this? So no further forward and completely confused how a dealer can say this, that and other with no actual positive action other than measure oil consumption! Will keep you posted on whats happening :D
  10. Good to hear some positive stories! My main gripe is the dealer's service manager constantly denies all knowledge of anything that is a common faults. I speak to the After Sales manager and hey presto things start to happen. I'll update this tomorrow once I get back from the dealers.
  11. Hello folks, It's my own fault for buying it but the 2.2D (58 Plate) is going back into toyota tomorrow with the following issues: Lumpy tickover Strange humm between 1400-1800rpm Drinking a little oil (about 300mls per 700miles, no idea if this is correct or not) Loss of coolant, which only started recently (within last two weeks) Hope it gets sorted but after taking 8 weeks to get faulty mk1 injectors replaced under warranty I am not hopeful. See what the diagnosis is tomorrow but knowing my luck....... More just a place to vent than gripe about it. Thanks.
  12. No Haven't cleaned it in the year and a bit I've owned it. I will look at the walk through guide and also looked at the newbie guide so should be better placed to keep it running.
  13. First proper post and apologies for it being long winded. My 2008 2.2D4D had been running fine until June. I noticed the diesel knock people refer too. Being a born worrier I took it to my local Toyota dealer (not mentioning what Tayside town as I haven't read rules if I can say names). There the "head technician" started the car and said nothing up. He took it for a spin and told me its fine and I am driving the car like an old granny. Now I do 120miles a day most dual carriage way between 65-70 (honest) and a bit of B road blasting. So I couldn't understand the comment, both Head technician and Service Manager said that my driving style is clogging the engine and just fire some diesel injector cleaner and I'll be sorted! I was ubiked off at this point and left. Two weeks later the knock got significantly worse. Took it to the garage and this time they said an injector was badly out of spec (no4) and the other three were slightly out too. But they wanted to change no4 and it would cost £1024! I told them no chance as the car had only done 55,000ish fully serviced miles. So I contacted Toyota UK who instructed "said " garage to do a fault report. Then the following sequence happened: Garage has car two days to do diagnosis and when asked if I can see printout of results get told they don't have any. Damage the wing and try to fix it badly that i noticed. They accepted and walked off, if I never seen it they'd never have confessed. 6 weeks go by and no word about whether the warranty was accepted. They called to say I need to return the car for another diagnosis check for 2 days. This was and i quote "To hopefully get warranty approved. On sunday No4 injector imploded/exploded leaving the car running like a bag of old spanners. I phoned Toyota UK on Monday to see about the report being filed. Suprise surprise they were still awaiting "said dealer" to send results through I spoke to the dealers After Sales Manager Monday morning explaining all of the above. He checked everything and no warranty claim had been filed by the service dept. In short they were either not bothered or were going to put me in a position where I had to pay for the repair. Got a call from the After Sales Manager today (Tuesday) to say warranty is approved and I am getting 4 new injectors and plumbing as I am apparently getting MK2 injectors? So I am sorted now and not £4K out of pocket but I wanted to draw awareness to the dealer and ask a few questions: Is there a Mk1 and Mk2 injector? Is there anything or series of things I can do to preserve the new injectors? Certain garages only for diesel, clearing the EGR by doing the revving once a week as explained in the new owners section/ Should I continue filling the tank when its low or should I fill up when its down to a quarter of tank? Any other hints and tips? I had a 08 2.0D4D saloon for two years (from new) and traded in for the tourer as I hated the boot. It ran trouble free and was a great car, the 2.2 however has been a shed or I have been a touch unlucky??
  14. Hello Folks, Wanted to say hello and come out of being a closet reader. I do have a tale of woe and some questions so they will be up in the avensis owners forum shortly! Look forward to contributing! Cheers!
  15. Welcome to the Toyota forums supervast650 :)