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  1. Mine is a 59 plate petrol auto and has been superb. No issues at all, only thing I don’t like there is no spare wheel just can of stuff so I did buy a space saver off eBay and keep in the boot. Gearbox is a CVT box so really smooth and has paddle gear changes if you pop into manual mode for a bit of fun. Tyres i fitted Yokohama G91 £80 +vat each which have been really good. Petrol Rav’s are bullet proof !
  2. Engine should be ok as said above chain driven just be aware you need a special tool to take the tension off to be able to get new belt on, not much room to get onto the tensioner between body work (inner wing )and my god it’s sprung loaded.
  3. I may be wrong but I thought the petrol Rav’s are chain but diesel’s are belt driven . Hopefully someone else can confirm this .
  4. Petrol or diesel? if petrol may just be a Oxygen sensor , about the only thing that goes wrong with the petrol Ravs, around £70-£90 for a denso one. You do need the fault code as said above to help with the fault. Again as said a code reader off eBay around £12 is worth its weight in gold and can save you loads. The oxygen sensor you can change yourself too .
  5. I for one would not be prepared to pay for that, it’s their mistake and should be picked up by them . I would be contacting Toyota U.K. with your concerns over the dealer .
  6. None what’s so ever, my guess your battery is dead, just enough life to light a few lights, if you can get someone to jump start it and see what happens.
  7. Petrol for me, was told by a good friend of mine who runs a independent Toyota garage petrol ones like said above are bomb proof, diesel Rav will have at some point , turbo, ecu or clutch flywheel problem in his experience. Also said above only thing I don’t like about my petrol auto Rav is a lack of spare wheel, managed to get a space saver but no where to store it .
  8. No problem mate, I’ve known Ian at Roy’s for over 25 years and I’m sure he would give you advice for nothing in return but know what you mean . I know you need a special tool to slacken the tensioner to be able to get belt off, as there’s no room to get anything on it, Roy’s put belt on my last Rav as I couldn’t get on the tensioner.
  9. Why not give Ian a ring at Roys motor company he will probably give you some help over the phone, they know all about toyotas . www.roysmotorcompany.co.uk
  10. That’s a good price .
  11. These were like the ones I had which the jack would not fit . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222702095812
  12. I fitted some aftermarket ones which looked ok until I came out one day and I had a puncture, went to remove the wheel and couldn’t use the scissor jack as wouldn’t fit with them fitted luckily I was in my drive and used a four wheel jack but if I had been out somewhere else would have had a problem, think genuine ones You can still jack up ok.
  13. Yep agreed, only thing shows every little mark and soon gets dust laying on it but nice when clean .
  14. Done my hilux today , washed clay barred, meguairs swirl away and then mirror bright wax 2014 plate came up ok.
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