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  1. Grumpy stumpy

    lambda sensor

    Thread yes, cable length may be different, if you buy a replacement denso one then it should come with the correct plug and length, just disconnect and unscrew and refit, proper lamba sockets with slot in makes the job easier plus unscrews easier when hot but watch your hands.
  2. Grumpy stumpy

    Toyota Rav 2004/5 2.0 Petrol Manual

    Possibly 5th gear, common problem , see if noise happens in 4th which would rule that out .
  3. Grumpy stumpy

    Toyota Warranty

    I would never buy anything else apart from Lexus which are also top notch. Had a vw never again, Toyota will always be open and honest if they have a fault and recall and fix free of charge unlike VW who cover things up, Vauxhall know they have probs but do nothing, bmw as well and you have to pay to sort yourself ! we all have different opinions.
  4. Grumpy stumpy

    Creaking from back end on sharp right turn

    May be worth just getting a good torch and having a look at the coil springs closely, may be broken at the top or bottom difficult to see but they can break with just normal wear and tear, I replaced mine on my 2004 after it had around 70k miles . Not too expensive around £30 if I remember.
  5. Grumpy stumpy

    Advice on this RAV 4 please

    Price wise will be no different if done now or later to be honest. If it’s not jumping out of 5th gear and the vibration isn’t to annoying I would leave it . Mine was quite loud and became annoying so I done it myself took 3 hours and got parts direct from japan , all in cost around £275 for everything. mine had 53k on clock and when I sold it with 107k on still really good . Not a m.o.t failure so no worries there.
  6. Grumpy stumpy

    RAV4 2004 air vents stopped working :-(

    +1 again, yep as said if you turn the fan off then air con goes off , the fan needs to be on at least setting 1 for air con to come on.
  7. Grumpy stumpy

    Advice on this RAV 4 please

    The 2.0 petrol engine is bullet proof really ultra reliable. Only issues I ever had was the odd oxygen sensor which around £85 to replace. The only other thing to check is the 5 th gear as this was a problem on some, when bad the Gear lever would jump out of gear when in 5th. Put it in 5th when driving and see if the lever is vibrating badly, around £300-£400 to replace 5th gear but once done no probs. I would of thought £1800-£2200 fair price for age and mileage.
  8. Grumpy stumpy

    Poss cam belt failure

    Oh mate feel for you, not only have you a problem with your Rav, you have Steve mclaren as your manager !! We had him at Forest what a useless ( rhymes with hat ). Hopefully someone on here can help with your Rav.
  9. Grumpy stumpy

    Poss cam belt failure

    Slightly off topic but I had an independent Toyota/Lexus garage fit a cam belt kit to my Lexus RX400H and I asked them to fit genuine belt, I was told the genuine belt had a 12 month warranty but an oem quality non genuine belt had a 36 month warranty and had fitted these for years with no issues.
  10. Grumpy stumpy

    cam chain rattle

    My 04 petrol 4.2 used to be the same , still one of the best cars I have had so I wouldn’t worry too much about that to be honest.
  11. Grumpy stumpy

    4.2 OR 4.3?

    Roys motor company then, I have used them to service my cars for the last 25 plus years, they currently look after my Rav, MR2 and Hilux great service .
  12. Grumpy stumpy

    Rear seat removal on 5 door 2004 RAV4

    I got rid of my 04 Rav last year but from memory I think you pull on lever at top of seat and fold flat, then there’ a metal lever on each seat on the floor (back of seat boot side ) you lift allowing the seat to stand upright but folded, then pull on a material tab which sticks out which realeases the hooked catch to allow the seat to be lifted out or something like that. Can be more tricky putting back in just make sure you get the correct bar to clip hook into but once worked out very easy. Easier if head rests removed if I remember too.
  13. Grumpy stumpy

    RAV4 2003 wont start sparks tested ok any ideas

    Oh yeh doh !
  14. Grumpy stumpy

    RAV4 2003 wont start sparks tested ok any ideas

    Petrol or diesel ?