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  1. O2 sensor my guess too, only thing which goes wrong with these, bullet proof . @ £85 for denso one straight swap just unplug and unscrew and refit and plug-in, can then take a couple of days to settle down until ECU sorts itself out. Just need to find which one it is as it has four.
  2. Plug a code reader in and see, my guess O2 sensor as only thing which tend to fail, they have four on them around £80 for a denso one straight swap just unscrew and plug in .
  3. Only thing I would check if you go for a manual would be the 5th gear, drive it pop into 5th and check the gear lever is not vibrating too much as can pop out of 5th, new 5th gear parts are available to sort that out, I done mine for around £250 , not a bad little job to do if you know how to, easy for a gearbox specialist. Most are ok . The only other issue I had was a oxygen sensor which brought up a fault code but sorted for £80 , they really are excellent reliable cars.
  4. Petrol all day long mate, bullet proof, diesel tend to suffer with turbo or clutch flywheel problem at some point that’s what I was told by a mate of mine who runs an independent Toyota garage for over 40 years , my 2004 petrol was so reliable. Also chain driven no cambelt like the diesel.
  5. I had a 2004 petrol which had that problem and I did have four on mine, the two lower are hard to spot, I bought a direct denso replacement at around £80 and you need a proper socket to remove it (makes it easier) then it’s just a unplug and plug new one in, can take a day to settle down afterwards but definitely something anyone can do themselves. socket has a split in it for the cable to pass through.
  6. I believe there’s four two at the top and two lower down .
  7. That’s good glad you got sorted. And thanks for offer.
  8. My 09 4.3 opens fully and was no need to fit the extended strap like I had too on my 4.2 . Not sure if Toyota modified them .
  9. Mk3 great mate, only gripe is the lack of spare wheel but I bought a space saver which lays in the back, don’t use mine much , just done 40k now , full leather , auto . Use my Hilux double cab 3.0 auto for every day use which is superb too . Ian knows me well at Roy’s like I say very helpful . Nice to hear from you again mate. All best.
  10. Hi Norm, I’ve not done mine, but I have a universal one which has three legs which tighten up when used to grip, may damage it though but more than welcome to borrow, if not why don’t you call Ian at Roy’s motor company in Norwich and just ask him the question he may be able to tell you the correct size normally really helpful . all best phil.
  11. Hi there I have emailed Ian on your behalf just in case , so expecting a call from you . He replied back see below. Hi Phil, Thanks for message and hopefully you all well , these do have lots of issues, actuator on these are part of turbo and seize up, can be freed of sometimes, they also have egr valve trouble, fuel cut off valve trouble, sometimes just too expensive to repair , hot starting trouble too, we will try and look after her if she calls, kind regards Ian Hope this helps . There number is 01603 424877
  12. Ask to speak to Ian , they know Toyotas inside out I have been using them for 30 plus years and have never let me down.
  13. Hi Doris, have you spoken to Roy’s motor company in Norwich? They may be able to fix for you and deffo will not rip you off . Worth a call .
  14. Personally I would buy the petrol 4.2 as are bullet proof , none of the issues which come with the diesel , at the time I was advised by a good friend of mine who runs an independent Toyota garage, go for the petrol never have them in for repair but unlike the diesels.
  15. To throw a spanner in the works so to speak, if it’s just the 5th gear then this can be done fairly easily , remove passenger wheel, inner plastic arch and you will see end of gearbox, the 5th gear assembly sits on the end and once gearbox drained , end plate removed to reveal the 5th gear, I replaced mine complete parts ( around £250) in under 3 hours when I had my 2004 Rav so any decent mechanic shouldn’t have a problem but don’t really want to buy one with the problem from the start.
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