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  1. I changed my 5 th gear when I had my 2004 4.2, took me 3 hours not too bad to do , drain oil, remove passenger front wheel and you will see a black plate on end of gearbox, remove that and you will be looking at the 5th gear assembly , undue selector arm, remove bolt on end and use a a puller to remove, take whole assembly keeping it together and I put mine on kitchen table and slowly take apart replacing the 5th gear and other bits, then build back up push back on . If you contact parts king on here he will give you a price for all parts required, I got all mine direct from Japan including postage cost me around £230 few years ago now. Common problem but once replaced won’t happen again . the above guide is really good .
  2. I just had the new RAV4 as hire car whilst on holiday in Iceland and used that function, I must admit I’ve never seen or used that before and although I found it good like you say it only heats up in certain places which I found disappointing but better than not having it I suppose.
  3. Yeah I thought you meant that mirror, I didn’t notice anything on that, like I said the camera came onto the sat nav screen once reverse selected. I thought it had plenty of pulling power and was really smooth , it was the auto. Found it hard to judge the width of it which didn’t help driving on the other side of the road. I liked the quality of materials inside.
  4. No rear view camera came on the sat nav/audio screen . It had full leather seats, heated steering wheel , sat nav but was surprised it had manual adjustment on the seats and not electric. AWD petrol not hybrid.
  5. Possible yes, very nice mind .
  6. I’m currently on holiday in Iceland and have a new RAV4 as a hire car , must say I am liking it especially the heated steering wheel , full leather but strange only manual control seats not electric .
  7. If I recall I changed mine from the top with no problem, I unclipped the plug and got a proper sensor socket which has a slot in it and I also done it when the engine and manifold was hot as it unscrews easier, fit a genuine denso one as will fit spot on and you may find you have to reset the fault code a few times until it settles down , defo a job you can do yourself.
  8. Why not get yourself a code reader and plug that in and see what the faults are , may just be a o2 sensor which at around £90 for a denso one and you can change yourself . Code reader from eBay £10-£15 well worth having one . Petrol Ravs are so reliable normally only a o2 sensor if anything.
  9. I have a catlock on my hilux , it’s recorded on a database, several stolen from hilux’s as Good ground clearance.
  10. I had a 4.2 petrol which was brilliant, the 4.3 is more refined and superb to drive only let down Is not a spare wheel which 4.2 had .
  11. Hi mate my 4.3 is a 59 plate Auto petrol, 32k on clock and yes steering clonks , spoke to my trusted Toyota Indy garage and basically all the same and not cheap to sort out, I just oiled my steering shaft which definitely helped quieten down. The Auto box is superb, smooth CVT and petrol defo way to go for reliability in my opinion. I was lucky to find mine with one owner and only 22k on clock two years ago.
  12. In your case by the sound of it just pay £30 more and go to Toyota going to be easier job done. Mine was going to be £186 from Toyota hence why I choose the cheaper option but if mine was £30 more from Toyota then Toyota for me.
  13. He sent me a usb with all latest map uploaded on to . If you haven’t got a usb slot somewhere on your dash then you may have a disc instead in boot etc which will be cheaper. If you go onto your settings screen and take a picture of the version you have and send to him he will send you a link to which one you require and price.
  14. Toyota quoted me £186 for one year update for my hilux so £79 it was for me yes would have worked out better value for a 3 year update from Toyota but initial outlay of £286 for that . For me roads don’t change that much yearly hence my hilux is 2014 and just updated to 2019/20 version in four five years time will do again.
  15. Absolutely but works a treat and a lot cheaper .