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  1. Hi mate, I would go for petrol, I had a 4.2 2004 and so reliable, petrol engine is bulletproof with a cam chain, only issue may be the odd oxygen sensor at around £85 for a genuine denso part, other issue some had was a vibration with the gear lever when in 5th gear , I had to replace my 5th gear assembly which I done,myself not too bad to do and had no further issue, mainly annoying noise but some cases it popped out of gear when in 5th. Most would have been sorted. It was one of the best cars I’ve had, until the 59 plate I have now for reliability. Good friend of mine at Roy’s motor company in Norwich said petrol models are the better option with diesels needing DMF and turbo at some point in there life time.
  2. That’s not right, any deposit holds it for first customer surely? That’s a main Toyota dealer ? Would be contacting Toyota U.K. if that was me and look to buy one from somewhere else.
  3. Petrol Ravs are bullet proof keep it serviced regularly will serve you well mate. oxygen sensors are the only thing you may get play up but around £80 for a denso one not too bad to replace.
  4. Hi John, I had a 4.2 and they are bulletproof normally I can’t help with location of relay but I would give Ian a ring at Roy’s motor company in Norwich and ask their advice, Graham in their workshop knows toyota’s inside out . May be worth a call.
  5. I take it you meant 155 not 115 ? Confused me that lol.
  6. I have a space saver for my 59 plate Rav which I got from a chap specialising in space savers on eBay which is 155/90 17 as stated above, have not had to use it yet but have fitted it to make sure it’s ok and it does seem fine.
  7. Also outside diameter if you can. 😁

  8. The shim used on the ac clutch was 6mm hole?

  9. If you click on the 4.2 A/c bit , it should open the posts.
  10. Could just be the clutch on the compressor, ok when first turned on then once warm stops, they will tell you new compressor required but you can remove the clutch off the end and replace the shim washer which is normally the problem. An old experienced air con guy done this for me a few years back , a few posts on here somewhere with a diagram .
  11. Not that I can think of really, could you drive say drivers side up on the the curb on side of road if you have no ramps to use ?
  12. I believe they do go all way through you could helicoil or put a slightly smaller bolt but longer all way through with a lock but on underneath if you get a second person to hold the nut for you. Should be ok as three more hold it in place .
  13. Like said above you will need to undo the drop link, I would order new drop links as normally have to be cut off to get them off, cheap enough ( around £20 a pair ) to replace, but other than that simply enough to change. yep just lower wishbone after bottom shock bolt removed . Two jacks are handy . Think if I remember when I replaced mine on my 4.2 Rav the springs were around £30 each .
  14. Thread yes, cable length may be different, if you buy a replacement denso one then it should come with the correct plug and length, just disconnect and unscrew and refit, proper lamba sockets with slot in makes the job easier plus unscrews easier when hot but watch your hands.
  15. Possibly 5th gear, common problem , see if noise happens in 4th which would rule that out .