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  1. Hey guys, I am looking to install an aftermarket stereo into my 06 yaris. I would like to install a double din sytem either one that the screen slides out or one that is static. Either way I just want to know has anybody done this already because the stereo unit is all one piece and dont know if there is a conversion kit or if it will be a custom job. Thanks MRC_Yaris
  2. Hey guys I have recently bought a 2006 yaris 1.0 as my first car. I am really pleased with the car however i would like a bit of a sportier sound out of it so I would like to fit an air intake. I have looked at the engine bay and i have noticed that the the hose connection is irregular so I dont know how to fit any intakes. Can you please help me on how to fit them and pictures would be helpful...Thanks MRC
  3. Thanks red yaris 54 Yes that's exactly what I was looking for as I had seen elsewhere people who were getting another cowling and painting it themselves...I just would like something cheap to jazz up the engine bay without effecting insurance...thanks again
  4. Hey guys... I just bought a 2006 yaris t2 1.0 as my first car and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestion on where to get engine covers for it. Thanks MRC
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums MRC_Yaris :)