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  1. Hi all I still can’t update my maps. I contacted Toyota and sent them pictures of request codes and they contacted Toyota in Belgium who run the Toyota multimedia system and they say they can’t find my request code in their system They suggested I run the request again which I did and still got the same code so I told Toyota I have no faith in them so I’ll have to wait till my 1st service in April and let them do it. I won’t do it at the moment as I don’t won’t to sit in reception for an hour twiddling my thumbs. If anyone has the same problem don’t bother with their multimedia site get the dealer to do it regards bair1946
  2. I can’t understand how their system can change my request code when it sends me the FMU file which is what it’s done. That’s why the activation code they sent me doesn’t work. Its in the hands of Toyota now to sort out I’ll let everyone know the outcome when they get back to me. Regards bair1946
  3. Hi all still won't update so I sent Toyota an Email hope they can sort it I'll let you all know the outcome Regards bair1946
  4. Hi Sidrat I went back to Toyota site and downloaded the update again unzipped it and sent FMU file to a USB. tried it in car but it wouldn't except the activation code so I tried again and it flashed up a slightly different request code. so I went back to my computer and unzipped the original download and sent that FMU file to another USB stick and I hope that works its dark now so I'll try in the morning I'll let everyone know how it went thanks for your input.
  5. I am sorry but I don't understand I purchased the update from Toyota web site and it told me to download to a USB stick that's what I did I wrote down the activation code Toyota didn't ask me to unzip anything and what is the FMU folder and where to find it I've opened the USB stick on my computer and I can't find any FMU file I find it strange the files on the USB stick are dated 2018 but its supposed to be 2019 update I can't go back to the Toyota site to re down load as it says I have done it I think Toyota systems really sucks.
  6. Hi Gang still in trouble down loaded to USB stick but when I connect to car it says checking USB and that's it the section on screen that says update software is still greyed out I have checked the USB on my computer and it doesn't appear to be Zipped any ideas what I'm doing wrong
  7. I've sorted it I didn't realise I needed to connect my phone to Nav system by internet to get code as soon as I did it everything went ok Thanks to everybody for all the input.
  8. Yes I'm on the system I just tried putting in my Multi Media ID now it comes up we have a fault try again later. maybe I'll try in six months as their after sale stuff always takes ages Thanks for your input.
  9. My car is only 8 months old so I should get it for free the problem is when I put it into basket it asks for request code but the ones taken from my navigation system don't work
  10. It won't let me go to map upgrade as that is not an option The only thing it allows is Software update which gives me model ID DUC then some numbers and letters underneath ID MEU then some numbers and letters I enter these in and it says enter a valid request details I just don't know what to do next
  11. Can someone explain how to update the map on my Corolla touring sport as I’v tried doing what they say but I can’t find the request code. Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. Hi Keith T I had the same problem so I contacted Toyota GB and complained and they said they would send them to me but it takes 2-4 weeks and they came last week at no charge hope this helps
  13. I have just checked the boot again and there’s a space saver spare wheel in the boot my car is Corolla excel touring sport 2.0L 2019 it doesn’t have a glass roof as I don’t like them so the salesman you spoke too don’t know what he’s talking about regards bair1946
  14. Hi all my 2.0 L excel touring sport came with space saver spare wheel