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  1. Thanks guys for the welcome and re-assurance - i will hopefully fit a rev counter at some point but saving up for it first lol! As you both say, its getting used to it and yes, i have had it for a month and don't know how i ever managed without it!! :)
  2. Hi there, i've just brought a second hand aygo platinum and this is my first petrol car. I wonder if someone could tell me how many revs it does in second gear at 30 mph as to me it sounds like the engine might be strained slightly and also what the revs are in third gear at 30 mph as it feels like third is too high to be in at 30 and much prefers 35 - 40. As I say, this is my first petrol car so I could be completely wrong but if someone with a rev counter could let me know, that would be ace - I don't want to over work the engine as this is a fab little car and I would like it to last a while. Thanks in advance :) Vess
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums Lou Vessey :)