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  1. An update from me. I have decided to buy a brand new Avensis 2.0D T-Spirit and so far I am really happy with the mpg. I've had the car 1 month now and normal knocking around I'm getting 45 mpg (as opposed to 35mpg in my Insignia) and on a motorway doing steady 70-75 it returned high 50s (57 - 58mpg) which I'm really pleased with. The car is brand new, so hopefully as the mileage goes up and the engine parts bed in, the mpg will improve. Oh and I did a 107 mile trip over the weekend on the motorway. I did about 1/3 of the journey at 65-70 and the other 2/3 at 60. The trip computer showed 72mpg
  2. Dissapointing more people haven't contributed their mpg figures to this thread. However I believe I will be putting down a deposit tomorrow on a new 2.0 d4d t-spirit :)
  3. So i have just done back to back trips to and from work. In my insignia it would probably average 36 mpg. Now I realise doing it back to back means the engine is warm so i should get better results. In the avensis the trip computer showed 52 mpg. Actual was 54.1 mpg!!! That about a 50% improvement! If i could get even 25% overall improvement I would be very happy. Lets see what happens when i take it back to the dealer tomorrow and continue discussions :)
  4. Right an update. I told the dealer my main criteria is fuel economy and what I don't want to do is spend a shed load of cash on a car and then be ****** off with the MPG. So i asked to borrow one. I have a 61 plate tr saloon 2.0d. I've just driven 120 miles on the motorway brim full to brim full. I was doing steady 70mph and had the AC on for the first half of the journey. Trip computer showed 60.6mpg. Actual 59.6mpg . Very happy with that. About 30% better than my 2.0cdti insignia. Just got to do back to back runs to and from work for my next comparison. But I've pretty much made my mind up.
  5. Yeah I've driven the a30. They did the whole journey on one tank and stopped off at Toyota for a visit. I've no reason to disbelieve. Its just the circumstances behind the journey. How did they manage it? Lucky car? Cherry picked by Toyota? modified in some way to achieve that MPG?
  6. Did you see the report on a blog about a couple of guys who took a t spirit Tourer, 2.0d from john o groats to lands end and they averaged 71.5. Fluke car or realistic?
  7. I haven't bought it yet. But I am negotiating with a dealer :) What would be realistic to expect on a steady 70mph run ( and I mean 70 not a 70 wink wink). I would expect 55 to 60 given the official extra urban is 72.
  8. I have the elite nav. And I borrowed an SRi. Different engine maps, different wheels and different gearboxes. I did my commute to and from work 4 times to compare to mine. I also drove to Basingstoke and back to compare motorway journeys. Both journey types returned 20-25% improvement over mine. But Vauxhall won't have it and have told me to do one.
  9. I currently have an Insignia 2.0cdti. MPG is nothing like the published figures. I've had a LOT of dealings with the dealer over mpg and I've tried another Insignia with allegedly the same engine and published mpg figures, but a different trim level. It was nonsense. RPM at 70mph was 1bout 1700 rpm compared to my near 2000rpm. And the other car returned about 20% better mpg than mine. Pretty odd considering same driver in a car with the same published mpg.
  10. Bad earth connection? I've had a similar issue in the past where the earth strap had corroded and the started wouldn't turn (and I replaced the starter too ....) Or possibly immobiliser issue?
  11. Yes. But its more expensive and not so well equipped. I was going to wait until March next year when the new shape Mondeo comes out. But thats been pushed by by 6 months, so I'd have to wait over a year. And the Mondeo 2.0tdci "official" figures aren't as good.
  12. Thanks Phil. Hopefully the latest 2.0D will enable me to achieve 55mpg + (on a run at least).
  13. Hi, I'm new to the forum :) I am considering buying a new 2.0D T Spirit saloon. I realise the 2012 model has only been out for a short while. But one of my main criteria is MPG. I also know that published and actual can be quite different. I have done a quick search on here, but using only 3 letters in the search box returns no results. So if any of you have the current 2.0D model, could you let me know what MPG you are getting please?
  14. Welcome to the Toyota forums turbobob :)

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