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  1. Hi Everyone!! Just thought id intro myself .. im Saqib :-) Hello!! ..About me ...For the past week or so ive been looking at buying either an Aygo or an Iq 1.0 engines . The cheap running costs and small dimensions are totally ideal for me.. Although Id been worried about how a small engined petrol would suit me after driving 2.0 upwards diesel engines all my driving life. Last car being a 3.0tdi audi.. However !! Today I finally managed to get a test drive! I tested the Aygo 1.0 (black i think?) and an Iq 1.0 (iq1 model). The Aygo although a nice car wasnt all that special, but the Aygo was amazing like a little go kart :-D And most of all I was surprised how nippy the little 1.0 engines are considering theyre around 70bhp! I will hopefully be looking into purchasing a Shiney white Iq soon (apparently theres a long waiting list on the Burnt orange!!) Well thats me :-D
  2. Steve

    Welcome to the Toyota forums Saqi :)