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  1. hobsey

    Horn Relay

    I'm not quite sure what was causing the fuses to blow. All I done was striped it down and reinstalled all the wiring and horn in the exact same way as before and its been fine since. They were some old fuses that have been knocking around for a while so I think it may have been faulty fuses rather than faulty wiring. It was a short that caused the first one to blow for me to replace it in the first place.
  2. hobsey

    Horn Relay

    Its inbetween the radiator and the bumper bolted on to the front panel. You have to take the bumper off to get to it, five minute job.
  3. Sit in seat, pull seat belt across chest and lap and insert in to buckle. Sorry, couldn't resist. Yep, follow instructions above will turn it off.
  4. hobsey

    Wing Mirror

    Open there door and you will see a triangular shaped cover on the inside of the door just where it mates up to the dash. Slide this forward towards the front of the car and you will see the mounting bolts holding the mirror on. Undo them and then pull the mirror housing away from the door.
  5. hobsey

    Horn Relay

    Problem sorted. Thanks for looking.
  6. hobsey

    Horn Relay

    Could some please tell me where I would find the horn relay? The book of lies (haynes) says it is in the fuse box under the bonnet but all there is is the micro fuses and 3 slow blow fuses and no relays. Fitted a new horn at the weekend and it doesn't work after working for a brief second. No fuses blown, good earth and now all I can think is its the relay. Thanks in advance.
  7. I have MX5 alloys, nice and light.
  8. Mmm, look very similar. It doesn't take long to get an Aygo seat out. I would be inclined just to take one out and place a C2 seat in its place and see what you have got to play with.
  9. Let us know how you get on. You might be pleasantly surprised and they may go straight in with no bother. Been trying to find pictures of the underneath of the C2 seats and Aygo seats to have a look at the fixings but with no luck.
  10. You fit the front ones by !Removed! the bolts in to the push in clips as the have a hole in the middle. Done mine this way a couple of weeks ago. Simples.
  11. hobsey

    Fault Code P0420

    I had this code keep popping up and replaced the rear lambda. Had the code pop up a couple of times since but last time I cleared it sometime ago it hasn't come back, so to this day I still don't know what caused it.
  12. Just ask my other half who had the free fuel offer. If its on finance then you have to pay 3 months worth before you get it through the post.
  13. This could be an air leak from the air filter housing. Make sure its on properly, especially on top of the throttle body. Fuel consumption could be down to this and also because of the cold weather.
  14. hobsey

    Aygo Spoiler

    Spot on, cheers for that G6-R
  15. hobsey

    Aygo Spoiler

    Has you see from the pic, it can be done. You have to cut it in half so you can then lengthen it and then to a bit of cutting for it for fit the hinges. There is a bit more involved in doing it but that is just the basics. I wont be doing it until I can find a very cheap one to experiment with. Unfortunatley for us, they don't do this sort of spoiler off the shelf for the Aygo.