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  1. i have a rav 4 2003 petrol auto converted to gas does equivalent 52-55mpg
  2. hi i have a 2003 petrol auto converted to gas and am getting the equivalent of 52-55mpg no probs so far
  3. hi anchorman i seem to have a cable going from the top of the pedal through the bulkhead does this connect electronically? les thanks for patience
  4. hi all thanks for responses seems a bit hairy to me read somewhere you must have fly by wire throttle is this correct? thanks all les spragg
  5. hi all still getting used to site so if this is a silly question-sorry can i fit cruise control on my rav4.2 petrol auto?? thanks les spragg
  6. thanks for response sorry if i didnt make myself clear i was referring to perhaps recalls or similar i noticed on the us rav site that toyota were offering 10year warranty with regard to auto transmissions due to earlier probs les
  7. hi thanks for response re dual-fuel car going well reason for post i keep reading about extended warranties up to 10 years on various parts of the vehicle is there anywhere on the forum that lists these? les
  8. les spragg

    Dual Fuel

    hi all i am a new used rav4.2 owner and have been concerned with petrol consumpsion(26.6) so have converted to gas-dual fuel if all goes well i should pay for it in 12 months if not it will be a lesson learnt any thoughts les spragg
  9. Welcome to the Toyota forums les spragg :)