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  1. Hi everyone ! I had 19 LEDs ba15s for reversing bulb , it was bright , but not enough distance , so I tried the Cree and the same effect . Bright but does not give enough distance . Anyone knows any decent bright and good distance reversing bulbs ? Also ,'I blew my cig lighter fuse , I looked behind the glove box , and I was so lost finding the fuse box , can anyone load a picture of what it looks like and where ? Many thanks !!!
  2. Im just wondering, which 501 light would look good with mtec cosmos blue ? or 6000k HID? any ideas?
  3. hey people Does anyone know how i can replace the fuse for the cig lighter? pictures and instructions would be most greatful ! Thanks
  4. Come to think of it, i dont think mine is even mounted.. its just placed on the sides, haha, maybe i should mount them somewhere soon, but its too cold for nimble finger work!
  5. Im Looking for an 07 aruis rear bumper.. but its actually quite limited on ebay.. but alot fo the newer rear bumpers, anyone know if the new style will fit the 07 model? Cheers!
  6. where did you order them! and when are you fitting them :P !
  7. I got the H11 LED bulbs in my fog light, but i think 1 of my bulbs are dodgy, keeps turning off. They are bright. but doesn't give out to much distance light in the dark... I was kinda thinking of yellow ones... any suggestion?
  8. Speed_Chaser On the previous couple of page, you uploaded the footwell light instructions, i did manage to locate the fuse box, and know where the wire needs to be connected.. But this is the probs.. how do i get the actual wire to get stuck into the fuse box via some adapter? all i seem to do is just push the cable in but it comes loose if there is a sudden/harsh movement If you can advise, it be great! :D
  9. Hi Speed_Chaser Any Instrution/photos to do the LED in the door? Thanks!
  10. Hi 27901591, Did you manage to do it? I always like that feature on the BMW, if you did it to your auris please share!!!!
  11. Need a 2007 auris bumper in good condition anyone know who is scrapping one for cheap? thanks .
  12. Hi everyone, Someone ripped my rear bumper open one day,, and now need a new one. Does anyone know anyone scrapping an auris bumper? or know where to get one cheap? Many Thanks!!
  13. mmm its also look well with the 6000k Think im gonna order some right now, I shall upload some photos, once i figure how :)
  14. i thought the cosmos blue would suit the 8000k more than the 6000k HID, as the 8000K has a blue tint ? http://www.hids-direct.co.uk/categories/mtec-bulbs/mtec-halogen-bulbs Would these be the ones? My friend also just picked up PIAA Chrome Mirror White bulb for his car, £80 !! so gonna see what that looks like too. for £80 i would rather get a KIT than just get 2 bulbs.
  15. hey Auris 2012, Im going for the 6000k HID for low beams, is the Philips bluevision colour temp is 6000k or 8000k Thanks
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