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  1. hi ffej have a look at Tavys instructions on page 1 regards cfn
  2. HI Tavy many thanks for your swift reply, It did set me wondering that the wireing in the Rav was different than the Auris but being directed from the Rav forum I thought I would give it a try. Tomorrow with great hopes I Intend to follow your directions and see if I can make any headway with this problem. regards cfn
  3. Hi Tavi, looking for this reverse sw above the gearbox. removed filter & box quite a few connecters in this area. one with red &green wires just at the rear of the filter box location about 9 oclock, one at 12 oclock with red &white; just underneath this is one with black& white,blue,thick black&thick white wires. right down below at 6 oclock this connecter has red &green wires. seem a bit of a devil to get at. need your expert help before I chose the wrong one. think ill go for a cuppa to calm me down. regards cf
  4. many thanks to all who replied to my call for help, I do have the drl relay and now I can chose where the best place to put it and link in to the power point. cfn
  5. just fitted led drl but cant find a power location controlled by ignition switch in the engine bay. has anyone fitted these lights and found a power point.? any help much appreciated. cfn
  6. cfn


    Many thanks for all your replys. Not exspecting any problems, BUT / after a run up the M6 one dark and rainy night and seeing this poor soul stood on the hard shoulder it just made me think that it could be me. Have now sorted a breakdown service out and feel a lot happier, and again many thanks for your interest. cfn
  7. cfn


    Looking for Toyota breakdown cover but cant find it in the forum, I think it was provided by the AA. A while since I notice it, has anyone used this service? cfn
  8. cfn

    D. R .l.

    Just fitted daytime running lights,all went well until I tried to find a power source under the hood to iluminate them but couldnt, also a way into the cabin to fit a switch with the same problem. Has anyone fitted these lights and found the power to finish the installation. Any advice would be more than welcome. cfn
  9. cfn

    Recall Rav 4

    Today had a letter fromToyota notifying me that a recall has been launched to address a potential issue with the rear suspension arm. They are scheduling a programme to check all affected vehicles and will contact me in due course to take my vehicle in for a free of charge repair. Has anyone else had this notification? cfn
  10. cfn


    As a newbie to rav4 is it in 2wd until I press the button on the dash to lock in 4wd ? or have I got it wrong? if so is it wise to put it in 4wd to keep the system flexible sometime. . cfn.
  11. cfn

    New Battery

    Kevin,Dave&Peter, many thanks for your expertese on my little problem, possible may need your advice in the not to distant future on a few modifications Im thinking about. cfn
  12. cfn

    New Battery

    2006 rav 4 2.2 diesel milage 45k being a newbie to this site its possible that this topic has been aired before, please excuse me if so. intend to fit a new battery in the near future and wondered if any problem would be encounterd with electrical items like radio ect? just had this rav for a short while and still finding out about it and being more compatable with it every day. upgraded to the rav from a bmw. .cfn
  13. Steve

    Welcome to the Toyota forums cfn :)

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