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  1. Very nice Indeedy :) I managed to improve my MPG but only ever so slightly,I myself cleaned the egr valve and changed a couple of other things.I too am in for the two recalls. my first car and I love her haha, love the feeling of being able to breeze past the boy racers in their puntos and corsas Hahahaha. Enjoy pal!!
  2. Yeah I will always avoid going direct to them. Will probably wait a couple of months as the damage idle minor,they may well be able to just stick the crack together then respray. Got to think about this quote the lady I bumped into gives me lol luckily is was a little dint and minor scratch. Helen
  3. Well yesterday could of been better, i was genuinely looking forward to the snow......that......was until i was driving home early from work. Needless to say, turning onto my street wasnt the best as a road off it goes down a hill,car drifts down the hill, i bump into the front of Range Rover. A scratch on her car, bump on mine then notice a crack in the bumper. Enough waffling, i would like a new bumper. Just after rough estimates on how much a new one, or used one would cost to have sprayed and fitted? Finding used ones for between 65 and 90quid. Would £200 be a good guess for having it sprayed and fitted???? Please dont judge, i'm not a typical 'woman driver' just my first time in the snow haha. Helen
  4. This is true i guess a little more TLC won't harm her lol, already done my part in improving the MPG
  5. Aint i the lucky one, two recalls for me rear suspension arm and now this.....just my luck lol.
  6. Cheer for the input guys, bought a new battery for my fob so no more alarms going off lol. However i think i did manage to resolve my original issue, when turning the key to the right then left, that was when the alarm went crazy, but just turning it to the left to open the car managed to not set the alarm off But as of now, the battery is full of life so i should'nt have to use the key anytime soon.......touch wood haha. Thanks for your info Helen
  7. This could be me just having a blonde moment but here it goes; Battery in my key fob has died on my, used my key to open my car and CAR ALARM ATTACK! Can someone explain how to stop this from happening until i replace my fob battery? I managed to stop the alarm once i sat in the car and started the engine, luckily i managed to lock the car with the key after i had arrived to work without the alarm going off. How do i prevent the car alarm going mental when opening the car with the key? Sorry if you guys are laughing at this but I genuinely have no idea how to stop it without the alarm continuously going off and causing a scene. Helen
  8. Looks good to me, shall try those out then. Thanks
  9. Hi Guys, I'm wanting to change my current rear reg lights to LED ones, just wondering if any of you have done the same and can recommend which ones are the best ones to get and where from? Thanks in advance Helen
  10. Probably best to order it direct from your TOYOTA dealer as parts ordered should be delivered next working day They will also ensure you get the genuine and correct part for your car Good luck! Got a quote back from Toyota....£48.83! I have emailed a couple of other sites i have found to see if i can locate any cheaper
  11. Cheers for that :) have just emailed through an enquiry. Didnt think to use Toyota directly, just wary of their prices but the cap itself shouldnt be much, i'd be getting it fitted for free as i already agreed a price before hand. Thanks :) Helen
  12. Straight to the point, i bought my T180 back in May. Took a trip to Wales (just over a 2hour drive). I took is steady driving as i'd filled up a full tank and wanted to see what MPG i could get out of it. I got no more than 32mpg!!!! A full tank was almost used on a trip that was all round there and back.....300miles. So i gave the car a good bit of TLC after reading up; 1) Changed the air filter 2) Had an oil changed (bought Mobil 1 ESP 5W/30) 3) New Fuel filter fitted 4) Currently in the process of having my oil filter fitted (see previous post of problems removing the cap) 5) I cleaned the EGR (didnt even look as though it had ever been cleaned)! Anyway took it for a spin round the entire M60 and the MPG has improved alot, average was around 40-42mpg. Just thought i would post this to anyone who has had similar problems with their MPG. Off to West Sussex next week so should hopefully see an even better improvement once my oil filter has been changed too :) Helen
  13. I recently had an oil change and a new fuel filter fitted, (i changed my pollen filter and air filter myself :) ). However when it came to changing the oil filter, the guys at the garage were unable to remove the cap in order to change the filter. They didnt want to try too hard in case the cap broke (as its made from aluminium). If that had happened, i would be unable to drive the car until they got a new cap in, (they said around two days to get the new part). I go down south next Thursday and i would ideally like this changing asap, can anyone point me in the direction of a website that sells the housing cap as i'm struggling to locate one. My boyfriend said it will just come off if he wacks it with a hammer but I don't want to risk it then not being able to have a replacement available. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance Helen