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  1. Tytherington in Macclesfield Alec
  2. keelerad

    All Run In

    Finished my 1000 miles and all run in, bought some 0W20 from RRG in Macc as Richard the After Sales manager at Macc recommends checking every 1000. Needed 0.5l to get back to the middle between the two holes on the dip stick. Pictures on facebook here and youtube Alec
  3. Cracking drivers car, buy if you like revving it and cog swapping. If you want a traffic light drag racer look elsewhere, if you like bends (I have done the A537 Cat and Fiddle road 8 times in the last 8 days) then this is the car for you Alec
  4. Just joined, got my GT86 on the 10th, done 960 miles in the eight days since then. My new car My previous Alec
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums keelerad :)