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  1. I recently got a P1238 on my Rav4 which is an injector error. Feedback values were showing cyl4 injector feedback of 5 so I went on and took off the top cover just to find blowby on cyl4. Bought new seals, orings, oil seal in preparation. Took out inj4 however it was so dirty that I decided to take it at a local injector cleaning shop. But instead of taking only the problematic one I made the mistake to consider taking all 4 of them. Cyl3 and 2 also came out without issues but Cyl1 is dead stuck. I used a 16mm socket on the input flange and a 22mm on top connected with two 1/2” long extensions. Scary as it sounds the injector can turn almost 1/4 of a turn with A LOT of force. Can anyone give me some tips on how to take it out? Its very difficult to pry it due to it being close to the camshaft sprockets. Would it be viable removing the injector solenoid and use a slide hammer on that fine thread to try and pull it out?
  2. Will try to find 26092 but it is proving to be very difficult
  3. Hi Does anyone know if an EGR Valve motor from an Avensis (p/n 25620-0R020) is interchangeable with my RAV4 EGR Motor (p/n 25620-26091)? I have a problem with the motor itself and need just that part however I cannot find any reasonable rav4 ones on the net. Visually they look the same. Thanks
  4. Changed the filter last Saturday. Dont know if possible but the car feels and sounds smoother. Might be my impression but even my wife noticed it. Anyway it was quite straightforward especially when following the instruction on one of the threads on this forum. Anchorman, frosting is a bit difficult here in Malta :). Thanks again
  5. Strangely enough the acceleration issue seems to have been solved by itself. I am suspecting that the carb cleaner dislodged some sooth betweenne seals and the valve needed some use for the sooth to be removed completely. Anyway, today I will still change the diesel filter. Thanks again for the info.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I will change the fuel,filter as you said and see how it goes. Anyway I had to change it eventually. I am assuming that the core plug you are referring to is that round brass-like cap no? Is there something I need to be aware of before opening the cap? I saw in another thread that you suggested to make some markings to the motor body but I am assuming that it applies only to when you remove also the motor... Thanks again.
  7. Hi, Last week my check engine light went on so I connected my laptop with an ELM adapter to the OBD port to find out that the error was P0400. This error indicates an exhaust gas recirculation malfunction so I thought I need to find some time to clean up to EGR as I never did it. For that moment I switched off the check engine and it didnt come back on for a whole week. Last Saturday I found some time to remove the EGR and clean it thoroughly with carb cleaner and I must say that it came quite neat. After cleaning it, i cycled thw ignition multiple times to see that the EGR solenoid moves during the initial checks. Last Tuesday while taking off from a halt I noticed that on 1st, 2nd and 3rd the car is like hesitating in terms of power then once it goes beyond a certain rev (probably 2500) it suddenly gains the power again. The problem is quite intermittent however during the last 3 days it did it at least once per day. Strange thing is that the check engine never came back on which I would imagine to come on in the event of a faulty sensor. Do you guys have any suggestions as to what this could be. Is it a pure coincidence that this happended after the EGR cleanup? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, AS
  8. UPDATE 3 Finally the new injector arrived. We replaced it, re coded the ECU and now it sounds a lot smoother. That ugly ticking sound as if the engine was left without oil disappeared. The thing is that now I can hear the ticking of the other 3 however it is not as loud and thus will leave them as is. Strange thing is that the injectors that I am supposed to have are the 'silent' ones as they have the two inspection marks. Anyway, if someone encounters this ticking, consider replacing faulty injectors. Thanks,
  9. Hi all, For all those who need toyota p/n there is this site which is basically microcat in a web view. Really useful. Managed to find the p/n pf my injectors based on chassis prefix. Hope you find this useful. http://www.toyodiy.com
  10. Hi, Can someone who has access to the Toyota Microcat please check a part number for me? Basically I need to know the injector p/n for my Rav4.3 from the chassis number. I know from a TSB that the injector can be either: - 23670-09290. This is the one for ALA30 without DPF - 23670-09270. This is the one for ALA30 with DPF I know mine are the new variant as they have two inspection marks that is why I listed only the new p/n's however I am still not sure about DPF / non-DPF although I don't think mine has one. Price for injectors is quite expensive and I do not want to end up ordering the wrong one. Unfortunately, the p/n on these injectors is not printed on top and most probably I will need to remove them from the engine to get the p/n from them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can send the chassis number as a pm to whoever has this Microcat access. Thanks again, AS
  11. ASeyc

    Oil Filter

    So you dont think there is any harm made by use the type on the left rather than that on the right?. As I said, the car had the right one when bought.
  12. ASeyc

    Oil Filter

    Hi, Was wondering whether anyone knows the main difference between these two filters? https://skydrive.liv...AAFYsP3h4dHRlmA When I bought by RAV it had one like the one on the right, then I installed one like the one on the left as this is what I managed to find. Which one is the best for the 2.2 D4D? Any suggestions? Thanks, AS
  13. ASeyc


    Yes a fuel outlet for the new Arriva busses.... From what I concluded the DPF was added to the non DCat to meet Euro5 specs so mine definately does not have. Thanks for the info.
  14. ASeyc


    Hi, Was wondering, do the 2007 2.2 D4D XT4s have DPF fitted. We dont have any choice of diesel here in Malta and I really think it is the lowest quality possible let alone the fact the some gas stations have never cleaned their tanks.
  15. UPDATE 2 Ticking noise still there exactly as before servicing injector no. 2. We are now going to get a new one from Toyota. Fingers crossed. It will take two weeks to arrive.
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