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  1. Hi All, any idea how easy it is to put on a new clutch for a 1999 Toyota Celica VVTi 140? Mine has pretty much gone and can hardly pull away! I have sourced some decent clutch kits, but fitting it is another story... is it easily enough fitted, or is it a full on garage job? Is it more than likely going to be pricey?! Many Thanks!
  2. I have a problem, i own a celica vvti obviously 4 seats, i now need 5 as 1 more child to carry in the car but love my car too much... any way i can get 3 seats into the back? Help would be much appreciated!!!!
  3. Clutch feels fine... VVT control valve makes sense i guess. Thanks!
  4. Hi all! Got a problem with my throttle on my vvti140. If i put my foot right to the floor, the revs hardly reach above 4k and makes a very low deep noise, revs pick up a bit and then drops and so on... whereas if i go to nearly foot down, revs up to max like normal...? Any guesses would be good thanks!
  5. Hi guys and gals! Last night i was out in my 140 vvti and for some reason didnt tip iver 120mph... got 115mph in 5th gear but 6th gear only seemwd to push on another 5mph.... Any ideas? Is it restricted? Or is this just top speed etc..? Any help would be ace!
  6. Great thanks! Next best thing getting it chipped?
  7. Hi Guys and Gals, Any clue to as my 200 Celica vvti 140 can get remapped? If so would anyone know the pro's and con's to this? I heard the if you get your car remapped you have to get it serviced more frequently... any help would be good! like any trusted remapping dealers etc. thaaanks
  8. Hello all! New to Toyota (celica) and i must say i am loving every single second on the road... Looking for any kind of Jap car meets in the south/ south east region (or anywhere not too far) would love any tips and good performance car parts sites - trustworthy sites...and good prices.
  9. Welcome to the Toyota forums Chris Tower :)

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