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  1. Well car has been a pain since getting my new engine fitted, not as much of a pain as the dealer though. It is a 2007 2.2 xtr with 53000 miles on it now. Here is a quick over veiw, Bought car in August, handed it back two weeks later with, 1. engine failure issue, 2. knock from steering. 3. vibration through car. dealer advised they will fit new engine. i asked about condition of clutch and fly wheel whilst engine out, dealer advised fly wheel fine but clutch a bit worn, i paid for new clutch. Picked car up and dealer reported nothing found wrong with steering or vibration issue. Car has never been right since new engine fitted, it has been in and out of work shop with rough running, knocking noise, vibrations and i have asked to reject the car. This request has been refused by the dealer and my credit card company under section 75 claim. the reason for rejecting my claim is the dealer says he is happy to fix car. Car sent back to dealer last week, I am now being told by the dealer new service manager though, that the vibration i can feel is a failed flywheel, this is the same dealer that said it was okay when he changed the engine and i paid for a new clutch. the dealer is also saying that the flywheel is not covered by any warranty i have. They are also dismissing the steering knock by just saying they know about the issue but can't feel any knock on my car. i have also got the squeeling from the fuel filter housing now. They are saying this is not a fault and they wont fix it. So questions i have. 1. is the filter noise going to cause any issues or just a noise? 2. should a flywheel be covered by the sale of goods act after 2 weeks? 3. anyone want to buy a cheap XTR Kenny
  2. I just fitted this to my 2007 XTR, i am advised this is the bar Toyota rebadge and then charge you near on £700. I also found a well priced wiring kit it took about 3 hours to fit both but that was using a ramp so no scrubbing about on the floor.
  3. Well done about 100 miles now and the engine is very quiet now, think there might have been a bit of air in fuel system causing a slight Diesel knock. My old Discovery used to draw air in to the fuel system and it would get a bit of a knocking noise but if you bled the system it would go all quiet again.
  4. i have had this strange phenome### issue on several Diesel cars BMW, Golf, Discovery to name some. it always clears up within a few days, spoke to a friend who runs a garage about it and he informed me it is a comon issue to many makes but mainly Diesel cars.
  5. top cover is back on, i will check the bottom one in the morning, i will need to clear the garage out and stick it up on the ramp to check if the cat has been changed but yes thats a good description Don, the old engine sounded like a noisey petrol this sounds like a quiet crispy Diesel.
  6. now thats an interesting question, One for Don i think. i know my old engine wasn't very well or it would not have been changed but it ran fine, it did not feel sick no missfires or anything. if it had not been for the info i found on here and a slight blow out the header tank i would not have known for a while. As it's new i have not pushed the revs at all and i have only done 50 miles but it does feel much more pokey. i thought the only difference was the engine mapping but that was from something i read on line. Kenny
  7. Well got it back last night with a new engine from Mr T. new engine strangely not as quiet as the old one, but goes much better and fuel read out showing 52MPG rather than mid 30's. I just filled it and i will check it brim to brim. I opted for a new clutch and was at first quoted £460 but after saying to service manager i would struggle at that price as i have only just bought it from your Glasgow branch. I hadn't expected to be spending anything on it for a while, he then said he would supply it at cost which to me ment £305. I had asked them to check out the steering knock and they reported back nothing found. However the steering feels tighter. there is no more knocking and the steering wheel is now straight rather than off center as it was when it went in. I can only asume they stripped it to check it out and rebuilt it properly, I will ask no questions. So here is hoping for some trouble free motoring, many thanks again Kenny
  8. Sorry about you situation, been there done that and hope to never go through it again. There are 2 ways to sell a car, a private sale through various methods of advertisments, ebay autotrader pistonheads etc or sell it to the trade, if you want a no fuss quick sale, then this is worth looking at. A trade sale will avoid the costs of the various adverts which can be £50 plus each and the various tyre kickers phoning late at night just as your dropping off, however you will take a hit in your pocket. Start of with a valuation from the likes of we buy any car, they will offer you £500 ish below bottom book,if you can stand the pain of that offer, you can then phone your local auction for a valuation you can place a reserve, cars are doing good money at auction just now but check out the fees you would need to pay on the sale, then run round a few dealers, they need cars on the forecourt and can some times pay strong money for a clean car they will be looking to pay bottom book so that will be their starting bid. If you are looking at a private sale you will get more money this way but it will cost you for most adverts, the free papers and sites like gumtree area waste of time, they are full of cars because they are free. I would hang on for as long as you can and then try a well written advert in autotrader once the winter starts the 4x4 market picks up. Good luck with both your situation and the sale Kenny
  9. mine is in the dealers now for an engine, 2007 XTR 49,000 miles full history, head gasket was done before at 41500 miles.
  10. Cheers Don i saw that last night, the dealer that is fitting the engine and looked at the steering is not the where i bought the car from, they are from the same group. i will head back to the Lexus dealer where i bought it from and push them on the steering issue.
  11. Well the car went in today to check out various problems, the main one being the engine, symptoms were coolant blowing out the header tank, coolant getting darker, using oil, 1 ltr for 1200 miles, poor mpg and hesitating above 3000rpm. phone call at lunch time to confirm what i thought, Head gasket failure! The head gasket was done 7000 miles ago. Dealer is now submitting the paperwork for a new engine and i should have the car back by Friday. I also have a knock from the steering, they could not get it to knock but checked problem shaft and reported no problem found. we will record it as brought to there attention whilst under the sales warrenty and let it develop. I can live with the steering for a while but will keep at them about it, looks like the main and worrying issue will be dealt with. Thanks for the quidance on this guys. Kenny
  12. I'm a bit more worried now, lifted the bonnet tonight to check the oil and i have coolant coming out the header tank! will be phoning the dealer in the morning.
  13. the MPG figure i quoted is a brim to brim calculation, the dash display is showing 5mpg more than i get.
  14. thanks Kev enjoy Portugal. trying to forget about Friday as that will be me only two years away from being 50!
  15. sorry yes it was a Toyota dealer that did the Head Gasket, they are going to dig out the paper work and let me know what they find. car has only 49000 miles now full service history by the same Toyota dealer in Stirling upto 41528 which is when the Gasket was done. The Car was last serviced 48311 when i got it, this was two weeks ago and they are a lexus Dealer in Glasgow. car is running okay apart from fuel consumption is about 32mpg i live in the country and do not sit in urban traffic, i was hoping i would be nearer the claimed combined figure of 42 ish. I have had loads of Diesel cars but this is the only 2.2 Rav i have driven, it feels fine, a bit less torque than my last car a Discovery TD5 which should be 20 nm less torque than the Rav and the power does drop off above anything 3000rpm. is this normal? Kenny