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  1. Big shout to toyota andy at PW motors,blackfen road,blackfen,kent,great service well priced.
  2. 03 T SPORT OWNER,born again teenager,dropped it much fun!!
  3. Flyn

    Calling All T-Sports

    Shame!! Really good little car and a limited edition,mines mint and running 112bhp,got the springs on today and she looks great!! Feel like a teenager again!!
  4. yeah noticed that a bit late!
  5. hi alex yeah im up for a coast run or something.
  6. yeah same here,i was looking for a meet up,cant seem to find any in kent.
  7. I got a black T-sport,just got Tein springs for it today,is it me or are these getting rarer and rarer coz i never see any around,this is my second after some t*t in a van pit manouvered me off a roundabout .
  8. hey peter,what about buy some aftermarket sports seats,they can ofer a bigger drop whilst still being ajustable
  9. Steve

    Welcome to the Toyota forums Flyn :)