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  1. I have noticed that nothing really happens when i hit the sportbutton. Mabye its stuck in sport? But it changes from eco to sport in the display.
  2. Its an Avensis t27 2,2 turbodiesel executice 2011. and yes, with adaptive cruise control. I think its imported from germany.
  3. Im using Ecomode, but still its agressive. Shifts down twice just to accellerate 5km. And thats not very Eco.. ps thanx for answering guys.
  4. Its an automatic. I live in norway so its mostly uphill and downhill. Its true it works best on the flat. It isnt adaptive? It follows the car in front and brakes without me braking. Isnt that what adaptive is?
  5. Hi! I have a t27 2,2 TD Automatic. I find the adaptive cruise control too agressive! Does anybody know how to make it smoother and more economic..?
  6. I have the same problem. How did you fix it?
  7. New to the forum and new to Toyota! My first Toyota! Bought it because og the reputation of being reliable! Toyota Avensis 4d4 executive. Male, 42 y o, from Norway. Hi Everybody!
  8. Hi Partypeople! I have the version with the box under driverseat, screen that flips open on dash and remote control. The dvd i have works but is old. Nr 86271-24122. What am i looking for on ebay....?
  9. I got the wrong cable! Waiting for a new one now - with 6pin!
  10. I have the same car. The chip came with a three pin connector, but it isnt three pin, is it?
  11. Welcome to the Toyota forums Fantom1 :)