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  1. Hi FoxX lol yep the Z was a bit subdued when it came to exhaust note, power and torque was something else, it used to just keep pulling, whilst in Germany did open it up on a section of unrestricted autobahn towards K/town just lets say it does what it says on the can, hope to get over again this year and will see what the T Sport can do already done the tunnel test does sound good , used to be the same with my 197 clio had to keep the revs in the power band to get the most out of the engine. yep it's responsive as soon as you get past the magic 6k mark lol only thing is the brakes soft pedal and not stopping that quickly so back to the garage at the weekend for them to take a look, pads are ok, rear discs are a bit worn
  2. Picked up the 04 T Sport today, big diff from driving the 370Z GT that I have just had to say good bye too (joys of getting divorced lol) , filled the tank up and gave it a good run out mix of m/way and A roads, twisty B roads tomorrow. First impressions overall , the steering is a little light and the brakes a bit soft after the Z, just need to adjust my driving for that lol. Forgot how much fun a front wheel drive car can be , especially when you hit ova 6k rpm and the cam kicks in and having the tc off too. spending a few hours detailing tomorrow getting it nice and clean and will post some pic's up weather permitting.
  3. Cheers and thanks for the welcome :-)
  4. Just want to say hi and to see if there was any other forum members in the Liverpool, Manchester areas, picking up my 2004 t sport next weekend, this is the first toyota I have owned and hope to have as much fun in it as some of my previous motors previous hot hatches have been Renault Megane 225 cup, Clio 197 cup both good cars then went for a total change and went jap with a Nissan 370z GT a total beast, but pending divorce has forced the sale the Z have spent the last few weeks testing different motors, looked at clios again but all have be molested lol, looked at mazda RX8 and MX5 after driving them they did nothing for me, took the t sport out and it was mmmmm can have some fun in this :-)
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