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  1. Hi Guys, Recently bought a 2004 Toyota with one master and one valet/sub key, both working. Proceeded to buy two extra keys from ebay and tried coding them. After deleting all but one master from system, I struggled to program any of the other keys. Stripped dash to get to ECU and also transponder black box, removed wires and battery and reassembled. Mannaged to get sub key/valet key programmed as another master to test if things are working, it did so I earased all again and programmed ebay keys as masters. Both work, including original master. Problem: I can't program valet key as sub again using ebay master, after various attempts I tried coding it as another master using ebay master and it worked. Why did it not want to program as sub? Now I have 4 master keys, confirmed by the fact that the ebay key programmed the valet key (as a master for now). In my car the 5 ign lock-ON, 6 door open-close procedure worked to program master key, but 4 ign lock-ON, 5 door open-close did not for the life of me work to program sub/valet key. What could be wrong? PS. there were never any lights, beeps or anything else to confirm/deny any problem during any programming attempts, failed or successful
  2. Hi Guys, Hope to get some answers from this forum and also be able to contribute. Cheers
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums Crystallattice :)