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  1. that's actually pretty amazing, thanks
  2. wow that's a lot of jokes but I gotta say they make me laugh. Thanks
  3. Shemanski

    Blown Fuse?

    Can you double check it? I never came accross this so I would like to know what solved it.
  4. I have been doing some research about it and I came to the conclusion of a few possibilities. I think that these are probably darkened effect halogen headlights just as UK Republic said,
  5. ^^ Yep try that from above exactly to start with, then go from there... Certainly don't overfill, that's the WORSE thing you can do! You're looking at more issues if it isn't as simple as that, but it's the first port of call for sure.
  6. It's all over the news now, but Fergie has finally stated his time is up & it's the right time to retire now, so after all these years, a new era for Utd is coming next season... Question is, who'd going to replace him? Apparently Jose is on the cards, but as a Utd fan, i don't even like the idea of that, he's just a glory hound for himself & Utd could really do with someone who loves football & the club, not just his own little ego. I'd of wanted Pep Guardiola, but he's gone to Germany, Moyes is on the cards, but doubtful... What do you think?
  7. Been wondering about this for a while myself, not going to try it myself, dealer it is!
  8. Was wondering what ''loving leah'' was... A tv film thingy i guessed, yeah it is... So i look at what it is & actually i've seen that before, lol thanks for reminding me :)
  9. I'd like to see some interior pics too please :) By the way, how is the plasti dip to use? I've got a friend considering it, but is unsure about it, seen some vids on youtube of course, but not too sure :S
  10. 1) Die Hard (all original trilogy) 2) Under Siege (both of them) 3) Gone in 60 seconds (Nik cage version, loved it so much, went to the cinema 3 times to watch it ha!)
  11. I echo that! Subtle and sexy at the same time, good look to have yeah?
  12. 1) Felix Da Housecat - Silver Screen 2) Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa - Young, Wild & Free That'd be my choices :)
  13. Mcgard Alloy Wheel Lock Nuts Lug Nuts, Wheel Locks, Boat Locks, Trailer Locks, Stern Drive Locks, Manhole ... McGard. Innovative Security Products… Website http://www.mcgard.com/ Useful for reference…
  14. Toyota Auris Reset Computer Resetting Fuel Computer http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=85103 Take a look…
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