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  1. So I've been to Toyota and they have tried to re-calibrate but were unsuccessful. The lights on the dash are still shining bright!!! What Toyota are saying now is they have to change the brake actuator assembly and then calibrate it which should resolve this issue. At a cost of around £1200 for parts and labour. After speaking to the service team, it doesn't sound very reassuring because they're saying "it should resolve the issue". The key word being "should" So I'm thinking should I take a gamble and spend £1200 hoping the lights on the dash disappear or just live with them? Also is it an MOT failure if the lights are on but the handbrake still works as it should?
  2. Hi guys, I have a 2010 T27 Avensis 2.2 D-Cat engine. It's done 264k miles!!! I took it for a routine service at my local garage (Not Toyota themselves) and have been using this garage for over 10 years. Very reputable and good service received since I've been a customer of theirs. On this occasion the rear brake pads needed to be changed so I told them to go ahead and get the rear pass changed as well as carrying out the service. After changing the pads, there's a message showing on the Square display continuously saying check parking brake system. Also there's two yellow lights that are continuously on both with exclamation marks 1 in a triangle and 1 in a circle ( I've attached a photo for your reference) The garage have tried to get rid of this message using their computer but unable to clear it now are suggesting that I should take it to Toyota themselves. The message code displaying on their computer is C1346 (again I have attached the photo for your reference) Has anyone come across this problem after getting the rear brake pads changed? Does anyone know what this issue could be? Also the electronic handbrake seems to be working as it should be. So I'm just a bit baffled as to what the issue could be. Before I book it in to see Toyota any ideas as to what the problem is? Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you
  3. Changed the pins and it's solved the problem. Thank you for your help lads
  4. Hi folks, I have a 2010 avensis and have noticed a rattling sound coming from the front tire area. Whenever I hit a tiny ding on the road, whether it's a pothole or an uneven surface, I can hear a rattle coming from the front suspension area. I was told it's the link rods that are failing so I changed them which has helped a littleand feels more sturdy and seems to have ironed out this rattle a little but it's still there. Also I've noticed when coasting downhill and covering the brakes lightly seems to eradicate this rattle. So it's as if the rattle appears when I'm not covering the brakes but disappears when I have my foot on the brake pedal? Not really sure what's causing this and it's really annoying. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hi folks, I have a T27 Avensis 2.2 D-Cat (2010) saloon. The windscreen and headlight washers jets are not working. When I pull the stalk, the wipers work as they should but no spray of water from the jets. Normally you can hear a whirring noise when the jets spray, but I can't hear this noise also. I've also got a button in my car which is for cleaning the headlights, where once pressed, the jets hidden in the front bumper appear out and spray water on the headlights, however they dont seem to be working either. I press the button and nothing happens, they dont move out from within the bumper. It has been freezing cold at the moment with temperatures hitting minus 6 degrees where i live, so perhaps I figured the water in the pipes has frozen. If so would this prevent the whirring noise and also prevent the hidden washer jets in the bumper from working? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys
  6. So I've had the car seen by the main dealer and had a diagnostic check done by them. They have suggested the EGR valve needs replacing. They quoted me silly money so I've ordered a EGR valve online and will get my mechanic to fit it. Hopefully should be sorted by the weekend. Will update again once the new EGR valve is in.
  7. Thanks for this Devon. So are these TSB's like recalls or common faults the vehicle has that Toyota know about? If I take the car to my local Toyota dealer and they say it needs a ECU update and a new Throttle body, would I be charged for the work to be carried out by them? I've booked the car in for a diagnostic check on Wednesday to Mr T. Let's see what they say. I'll keep you updated on the situation. Thanks guys
  8. Thanks Konrad. The EPB works fine when engaging and disengaging. It makes all the normal noises associated it should. I showed my mechanic the attached posts and he carried out the instructions as shown but the lights are still appearing on the dash and the car still in limp mode. I've decided to go ahead with my mechanics suggestion and ordered a new EGR valve to be replaced. Hopefully it will sort the issue out but I'll reply back once the EGR valve has been changed to give you an update. Thanks
  9. The codes displayed on the mechanics laptop were P0488 - Throttle position control range/performance. He suggested it's to do with air flow so thinks it's the EGR valve causing the lights to trigger on.
  10. Hello TOC, I'm wondering if anyone has come across the symptoms my car is showing? I have a 2010 avensis 2.2 dcat which has given me problem free driving for over 3 years now. However last week a few lights showed up and 2 messages showing up on the dash and the car has gone into a very sluggish state. I've noticed though, when I start the engine and drive away it drives normal with the lights still showing but after a few minutes it goes into the sluggish state again. The mechanic says the EGR valve must be clogged so he cleaned the EGR valve very thoroughly and he reset the lights on the dash. The car drove as normal for a day but the lights all showed up again and it went into the sluggish state again. The mechanic is now suggesting it could be the electronic bit of the EGR valve that's probably causing the issue so suggesting to change the EGR valve altogether. I've attached pics of my dashboard so you can see all the lights showing up. Would the EGR valve cause all this to happen?
  11. Hey guys, I've got a 10 plate Avensis, 2.2 d-cat, Tspirit. Couple days ago on the motorway "check parking brake system" message showed up on the square display which shows the time date etc... and then another message flashes simultaneously showing "check VSC system" plus the engine management light, the yellow triangle with the exclamation mark, the yellow car sliding/slipping sign and the yellow exclamation in circle sign all showed up !!!!!! I pulled over and checked the electric handbrake and that was working fine. Carried on driving for another 30 miles and been driving for the past couple of days in the city and it seems fine. However the car feels a little sluggish, the power delivery doesn't feel the same. The lights warning lights stay on all the time Any come across this? Any suggestions would be appreciated
  12. Hi guys, I've got a 2010 Toyota Avensis which has a standard head unit in it. It's got a button which says"AM-DAB" so I assume this means it has DAB radio? However when I press the button it only plays AM radio and doesn't flick over to DAB??? Does anyone know how I get DAB to work? Thanks
  13. Thats right... Private Hire taxi's need to be booked in advance... I cant stop if im flagged down, customers need to ring the office and book a taxi... The job will come through on my pda and thats how private hire taxi's operate... If i pick up a random customer from the street without a job being booked and i have an accident, my insuarnce will not cover me, as the insurance certificate clearly states "cover offered for private hire use only" and specifically excludes hackney work... I no its a silly rule. Anyway, back to the main point... Regardless whether booked or not, this !Removed! seatbelt alarm is still annoying
  14. You are very right Pete.... all passengers must wear a seatbelt.... Its the law. However, in my 11 years of taxi driving i would say 95% of customers who sit in the back, will not wear a seatbelt. Some customers are genuine and will wear the seatbelts, however there was an incident once when I asked a youngish lad to fasten his seatbelt, ended up resulting in a heated argument, so since then I never bothered asking people to fasten the belts. Also, the local police station staff have used our firm on many occasions and they themselves do not fasten the belts in the back (usually the staff that sit in the front do wear a seatbelt)... So I leave it completely up to the individuals sitting in my car. Also, Private Hire Taxi drivers do not have to wear a seatbelt if they have customers sitting in the back of the car... In a Hackney carraige (black cab) there is usually a glass/plastic partition which separates the customers from the driver. PHV taxi's do not have this partition, so there is an element of the driver being attacked from passengers sitting in the back of the car. There has been cases when the driver was strangled by the seatbelt. I do, of course, wear a seatbelt when in driving with my family and ensure each of them have their belts fastened... But when I'm working as a taxi driver, most of the time I don't wear a belt. Generally, the police in Leicester are fairly relaxed when it comes to taxi drivers not wearing seatbelts.
  15. The 3 dots on the display have disappered after i disconnected the connectors from the rear seatbelt buckles.... Before i did this, anyone sitting in the back seat without a belt would trigger the alarm... In my car, it happens when you drive over 10mph without having the seatbelt on.... Your idea of cutting plastic to shape is a good idea, however me being a taxi driver, i would have to keep taking them out if the customer decides to wear the seatbelt... If only the old sequence worked in the new Avensis... It was so convenient