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  1. i've been listed twice on the first post, been awhile since i've been on here btw
  2. Unless your gonna be doing the track in a 4x4 i'd give crail a miss. why don't you all do Knockhill instead? the track is open over the summer nights. give em a phone
  3. hi guys, sorry i couldn't make it yesterday. my bike has been in the dealers for about 2 weeks now because its running on 3 cylinders. weather was a bit crazy too so i don't know if i would have went anyway. next time guys and if karting is on the agenda then i'm up for that
  4. Jim_mr2 msherry21 crismillencolin Ryan1985 Blue-baby Tara (Depending on Time) Liam (Depending on the weather and location) hello btw folks, its been a while
  5. well it sure sounds like a blown fuse. i have seen this sort of thing happen before
  6. oofffff, blatantly not a skyline
  7. a work collegue of mine saw us and said to her mate "i wonder if liam is with them" was quite funny whan she said to me this morning "what so good about MR2's, i saw quite a few yesterday in the town" :D
  8. next week maybe, still to finish off the supra meet video first
  9. thats my photos done folks, enjoy-joy Click Here
  10. was a good meet and had a half decent turnout. i'm editing the photos now and should be on shortly
  11. best just to give me that title just now, i have lost 8 stone since the last time i went karting. i'm 2 stone now
  12. Just cuz its not a Skyline :P Only kidding dude ← not at all, i just cant see that kind of dyno being able to measure such a high figure. i have seen GTR's and 200sx getting massive wheel spin on those dynos and they were full of ppl, people in the boot, people in the car. that was with about 600BHP. if it was on a Dyna-Pak were the dyno is attached to the hubs then it might have been a bit more believable. also the expressions on some off the guys faces would seem to suggest that the dyno was setup to give a false reading. i could be wrong tho :P
  13. i spoke to amran on the phone and he said he should have a free passenger seat, i'll let you know over the weekend if i need alternative transport. i'll mention the meet to a few supra owners and see if they are game for it ;)
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