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  1. Hi, I still have the windows. Konrad is right. Estate windows are different to saloon
  2. would of been alot happier and cheaper if it was only the rear door glass.
  3. I would like to share my experience with you guys. I have recently bought a 2011 Avensis tourer 2.0 d4d to use as a taxi. it came with privacy/tinted glass from factory. the council does not allow this for passenger safety. I sourced some windows from a breakers yard from a 2012 model. 2012 is the facelift model. so the glass is the same in the preface lift and face lift model. the rear quarter(boot) and tailgate glass had to be removed professionally as its bonded. I used the same guy who the breakers yard used to save on labour costs. the door glass I changed at home with the removal of the door card. I am now left with privacy glass if anyone is interested in purchasing please get in touch, i will attach before and after photos. I would like to say thank you to Konrad for the moral support and help.
  4. Do you mean the remote switch on the drivers door is no working the rear passenger window, that's right.
  5. car is a 2011 avensis tourer TR model was changing the rear window glass on drivers side rear, accidentally dropped glass, after this the main drivers switch does not allow it to go down but the switch on the drivers rear does. could it be fuse or have i broke a wire?
  6. up for sale is 7 windows- will be fit estate models only from 2009-2018 this includes the x 1 rear windscreen x 2 rear boot quarter glass x 2 rear large door glass x 2 rear small door glass these have been professionally removed by a car glass company. location is Teesside, due to it being glass it would have to be collected. PRICE IS £250 OR IF YOU NEED ONE GLASS I AM WILLING TO SELL SEPERATE
  7. Would anyone be interested in swapping or purchasing genuine Toyota factory fitted privacy glass. I am located in the north east England and I am willing to travel within reasonable distance. so far this includes rear door windows both sides rear quarter glass both sides 1 rear windscreen
  8. UPDATE GUYS- unplugged maf sensor car runs much better,I did change the maf with a used one
  9. To me it is very important to change water pump when doing timing on these engines- if the water pump collapses or seizes it takes out the timing belt with it as water pump runs of the timing belt.
  10. Thanks for the post Konrad. I think they are going to be too dark have not had them checked yet. as Konrad said I would offering this glass as swaps for clear, Please contact if anyone is interested.
  11. intercooler changed, throttle body/flap motor changed both intercooler pipes changed, check all vac pipes still no joy tried cataaclean too. very bad on mpg too only getting 300 350 miles to tank
  12. seems very hard to find a black avensis
  13. changed fuel filter no joy changed SCV valve not got round to intercooler pipes or intercooler its self really bad on mpg too