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  1. This is regarding a Avensis 2.0 d4d 2011. 180k. P062D code appeared with engine knocking. I have found a TSB with this code thanks to @DevonAygo EG-0024T-0212 Subject: Loss of engine power and MIL ON due to fuel injector failure - DTC P062D MIL ON Models: AURIS; AVENSIS; COROLLA; RAV4; TOYOTA RAV4; VERSO Model codes: ADE150; ADE157; ADE186; ADT270; ADT271; ADE150; ALA40; ALA41; ALA49; ALA30; ALA35; AUR20; AUR21 DESCRIPTION OF PHENOMENON Some customers may complain about injector failure causing a loss of engine power and MIL ON. DTC P062D (fuel injector driver circuit performance) is stored in the memory of the engine ECU. PRODUCTION CHANGE The production process of the fuel injectors has been improved. Injector feed backs need to be monitored via diagnostic PC if feedback volume of 1 or more injector is greater than +/- 3.0mm replace faulty injector/s with modified injector, if feedback of all injectors are < 3.0 mm Replace ALL injectors with modified injector Number one was replaced with a brand new denso one but after a few days the fault returned. All injectors have been removed and tested by a diesel company and dpf checked by dpf specialist. So after it being in local garages, it went into Toyota yesterday who have advised to replace other 3. Its the first time I have had to replace all 4. How have all 4 injectors gone at the same time plus how can a diesel company who have bench tested them say they are fine but Toyota say to replace. I am desperate to get car back on the road as its a Taxi. Toyota have advised once all injectors are in you have to code them in and then learn them the new values. So another 3 will be going in followed by coding them in and learning them the new values. Weird thing is. Car is fine when cold as soon as it warms starts shotting smoke out and knocking. Toyota advised the inlet mannifold is coked up too. So that will be cleaned. Will update this thread to help others in future.
  2. Did you get to the bottom of this?
  3. Best to buy a used one of Ebay or a breakers yard.
  4. Have you tried cleaning the EGR valve?
  5. This seems like a common problem for the T27 D4D. Would be good to know the result.
  6. Hi, I still have the windows. Konrad is right. Estate windows are different to saloon
  7. would of been alot happier and cheaper if it was only the rear door glass.
  8. I would like to share my experience with you guys. I have recently bought a 2011 Avensis tourer 2.0 d4d to use as a taxi. it came with privacy/tinted glass from factory. the council does not allow this for passenger safety. I sourced some windows from a breakers yard from a 2012 model. 2012 is the facelift model. so the glass is the same in the preface lift and face lift model. the rear quarter(boot) and tailgate glass had to be removed professionally as its bonded. I used the same guy who the breakers yard used to save on labour costs. the door glass I changed at home with the removal of the door card. I am now left with privacy glass if anyone is interested in purchasing please get in touch, i will attach before and after photos. I would like to say thank you to Konrad for the moral support and help.
  9. Do you mean the remote switch on the drivers door is no working the rear passenger window, that's right.
  10. car is a 2011 avensis tourer TR model was changing the rear window glass on drivers side rear, accidentally dropped glass, after this the main drivers switch does not allow it to go down but the switch on the drivers rear does. could it be fuse or have i broke a wire?