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  1. You have just joined this forum and have posted an email address in public. Please show me pictures
  2. Wanted Toyota hiace preferably with twin back doors please inbox me
  3. As above wanted please message if you have one
  4. sometimes it will lock sometimes it wont with key fob and key in drivers door any suggestions
  5. Thank you for that Konrad. I just need a manual now. T27 isnt as reliable as T25. Might have to move onto Auris next
  6. Headgasket work is underway. Need a manual does anyone have a link 2011 avensis 2.0 d4d
  7. Looks like head gasket- coolant pipes have oil vapor- bubbling in water tank, head is getting stripped- will be getting skimmed early next week. does anyone have the torque settings for the 1ad-ftv engine
  8. What to watch out for. I currently drive a 2004 avensis. Is the auris estate much smaller
  9. High mileage car? Most likely ex taxi. Could of been for top sign
  10. So after paying a fortune on injector trouble stated in my last post. Car is loosing water. No visible leaks. Water pump was changed a week ago. Was loosing water before. I Was topping up then but not as much. Its Worse now Radiator pipe on right hand side near battery as alot of pressure this softens when i loosen bleed screw. Water bottle has oil vapour but actual coolant is clean. Dipstick has no water signs or oil filler cap. Suspicion is water is escaping through the overflow pipe due to pressure. As when we take the bleed/rubber bung of water bottle. There is alot of pressure and bubbles. No leaks inside in cabin either so heater matrix should be ok. Mileage is approx 180,000 Any advice. Is it headgasket or is there a blockage in cooling system. Alot of problems with this engine compared to 1cd-ftv engine
  11. Very strange. I think next car will be a hybrid or petrol.
  12. Inlet manifold cleaned as was very coked up with soot. Still blue smoke. Anyone else experienced this?
  13. So now all 4 injectors have been replaced by denso ones. P062D code has cleared. Car is driving back to normal BUT there is smoke not clouds of it as it was before, it happens when setting off in 1st at a junction or putting foot down in 3rd.
  14. This is regarding a Avensis 2.0 d4d 2011. 180k. P062D code appeared with engine knocking. I have found a TSB with this code thanks to @DevonAygo EG-0024T-0212 Subject: Loss of engine power and MIL ON due to fuel injector failure - DTC P062D MIL ON Models: AURIS; AVENSIS; COROLLA; RAV4; TOYOTA RAV4; VERSO Model codes: ADE150; ADE157; ADE186; ADT270; ADT271; ADE150; ALA40; ALA41; ALA49; ALA30; ALA35; AUR20; AUR21 DESCRIPTION OF PHENOMENON Some customers may complain about injector failure causing a loss of engine power and MIL ON. DTC P062D (fuel injector driver circuit performance) is stored in the memory of the engine ECU. PRODUCTION CHANGE The production process of the fuel injectors has been improved. Injector feed backs need to be monitored via diagnostic PC if feedback volume of 1 or more injector is greater than +/- 3.0mm replace faulty injector/s with modified injector, if feedback of all injectors are < 3.0 mm Replace ALL injectors with modified injector Number one was replaced with a brand new denso one but after a few days the fault returned. All injectors have been removed and tested by a diesel company and dpf checked by dpf specialist. So after it being in local garages, it went into Toyota yesterday who have advised to replace other 3. Its the first time I have had to replace all 4. How have all 4 injectors gone at the same time plus how can a diesel company who have bench tested them say they are fine but Toyota say to replace. I am desperate to get car back on the road as its a Taxi. Toyota have advised once all injectors are in you have to code them in and then learn them the new values. So another 3 will be going in followed by coding them in and learning them the new values. Weird thing is. Car is fine when cold as soon as it warms starts shotting smoke out and knocking. Toyota advised the inlet mannifold is coked up too. So that will be cleaned. Will update this thread to help others in future.
  15. Best to buy a used one of Ebay or a breakers yard.
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