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  1. Anyone know the diameter of the rubber breather hose between the filler and the tank on a 96 rav 4 please. Asked Toyota and they didn't know? Thanks
  2. I'm looking for the following parts for the above rav4 if anyone can help Black bullbar Black side steps Set of 4 wheels with/without summer tyres N/S front door in white Thanks
  3. I have a 5 door GX Rav 4 96 plate and would like to update the front to the 97-2000 model including the following new bumper with white indicators new headlights Can I fit direct replacements from a donor vehicle and if so would I need to alter any of the wiring to the lights? If I cannot replace with parts from a later donor vehicle is there any companies that supply a white indicator lens as a direct replacement for the original yellow one and anywhere that do an updated headlight again as a direct replacement for the original? Thanks in advance
  4. Just managed, after weeks of searching, to get hold of my third Rav 4. First was a five door VX, some idiot hit me at around 40mph side on and wrote it off, but I walked away unmarked (he got prison). 2nd was a 3 door GX a little too small for me so traded in for a normal car. Now after a couple of years with a Honda Civic decided to get another rav 4. I drive a Class 1 HGV out of a farm so come winter I'll need it as the farm is in the middle of nowhere. I'll be posting a few questions shortly so looking forward to picking your brains. :D
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums Gray1962 :)

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