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  1. now then everybody, ive got an 04 corolla t-sport and recently had the same problem with my breaks, took it to my local toyota garage. They said my brakes were 'scored' and that they needed 'scimming'..not exactly sure what this is but it sorted the squeaking etc etc..... hope this helped!!
  2. hey everyone, just wondering if there were any TOC members I saw earlier today any at a service station on the M1 before Sheffield, a yaris t-sport and a corolla owners together, just wonderin if they were from here?cheers
  3. Can anyone please help, I have a 2001 T-Sport Yaris and am after a new aftermarket headunit, can anyone tell me where I can get the fascia panel I need to fit it properly?? thanks james
  4. Heya every1, is there any yaris t-sport owners in the North-EAST, im from middlesbrough??
  5. Im in the north-east of England, n i have never seen a modded yaris, im 20 n have seen mainly older people driving them! Im James btw :)
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