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  1. Hi Not sure if you have managed to sort this but I have the same issue on mine. Did you manage to find one? The best I have found is on a website called Car Parts 4 Less at £29.94 (I put in my reg. no. so hopefully it is the correct one). Are these easy to fit as that is the next issue I will have once I have sourced one? If you have managed to sort it, any tips would be handy. Thanks.
  2. Can anyone tell me if they are the same on phase 1 and phase 2 Yaris T-Sport models? Thanks.
  3. Bit of a blast from the past in reviving this thread, but can anyone tell me what happens to the original upper display when fitting an aftermarket head unit? The display which shows temperature, radio station, time etc. Thanks.
  4. First one should be easy, if I replace the battery in the remote key fob, do I need to resync the fob to the car in any way or is it a straight battery swap? Second one may be more difficult. On my car, all the radio present buttons at the bottom work based on whatever stations are stored on them, the station plays, the display shows the time (incorrectly!), radio station etc. but none of the buttons near the top (DISP., AM/FM etc) function at all so I cannot manually change frequency, station time etc. Also, the steering wheel controls don't seem to work. I am not very electronically minded so don't realy know where to begin. Anyone come across this before? Thanks.
  5. Does anyone know the OEM paint code for the wheels on a Yaris T-Sport? Thanks.
  6. is1


    Hi I have just bought a 2005 Yaris T-Sport. A very well engineered motor car. I previously had a Renaultsport Clio 182 Trophy and all manner of cars before that. Does anyone know the Toyota paint code for the OEM Yaris wheels? Also, do many Yaris owners opt to change the tyre size from 185 55 15 to 195 50 15? The latter offers a much greater range and lower cost than the former. Thanks.
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    Welcome to the Toyota forums is1 :)