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  1. cant find answers to my questions

  2. i also have on the same car rear wash wipe failure have checked fuses they are ok any ideas please

  3. les081 can you help i have fault code p0135 on my 02 avensis 2.0 vvti which sensor is it please

  4. avensis 2.0 vvti year2000 rear wash wipe wont work have checked fuses all ok any ideas anyone

    1. les081


      which is the 02 heat sensor for same car code p0135

  5. i have a avensis 2.0 vvti with heater sensor fault code p0135 but which sensor is it looking at the engine from the front

  6. rear wash wipe and rear swindow heater dont work on avensis 2.0 vvti gls estate year 2000 checked all fuses in engine bay all ok help!

  7. i have fault code p0135 heat sensor which one is it on a 2.0 vvti avensis gls estate year 2000

    1. les081


      thank you for the welcome steve

  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums les081 :)

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